Will Ferrell and his cowbell join Marc Anthony on stage for an epic take on 'I Need to Know'

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By this point, Saturday Night Live's "More Cowbell" sketch is cultural canon.

Was there a time before this sketch aired? We guess… Does it matter, though? Once Will Ferrell started clanking away to Blue Oyster Cult's yacht-rock classic "Don't Fear the Reaper," life was never the same. So any time you see Ferrell with every second-grader's favorite instrument, you know you're in for a good time.

Case in point: The Maestro Cares Foundation, founded by singer and actor Marc Anthony in 2012 to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged children and communities in Latin America and the U.S., held its annual gala Tuesday in New York City. And Anthony was on hand to provide some entertainment for the evening when a certain cowbell aficionado came a-knockin.'

Anthony and his band had just launched into his millennial banger "I Need to Know" when Ferrell — sporting a crisp black suit, not bell bottoms and a belly shirt — joined in on the fun. And even (sometimes) on beat!

We'll be honest, they sounded pretty good, but we coulda used a little more… something. Just can't put our finger on it. Anyway, revisit the classic 2000 sketch in memory of the totally made-up Gene Frenkle below.

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