Ferrari 328 GTS Runs Red Light, Gets Creamed

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The guy driving the Ferrari was Doug Ford’s campaign manager…

Anyone who’s spent significant time behind the wheel of a sports car in traffic has learned that, similar to riding a motorcycle, you become almost invisible to most other drivers. After all, a low-slung, shorter car isn’t as easy to spot as a jellybean on wheels, which is what pretty much all modern vehicles resemble these days. Because of this fact, you have to be aggressively defensive when driving such a car.

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Then there’s Kory Teneycke, campaign manager of Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, who just blasted through a red light in his 1988 Ferrari 328 GTS before getting hit by a newer Chevy Silverado. We don’t know how he missed the traffic signal, especially with the cars in the other lanes coming to a stop. It wasn’t like he just barely snuck through as the light turned from yellow to red, a stupid thing to do but something you see often.

A dashcam on a car in an opposing lane of traffic captured the whole accident. The red Ferrari just rolled right through the red light as the cross traffic was turning left. A crossover made its way through the intersection, followed by the Silverado, whose driver obviously didn’t see the sports car.

Thankfully, the pickup truck wasn’t going very fast, otherwise it would’ve rolled right over the Ferrari. That likely would’ve involved a fatality. This is why if you’re driving a sports car, you need to be hyper-aware of what’s going on around you. One wrong move could be your last if you don’t, so stay frosty.

Teneycke reportedly bought the Ferrari 328 GTS recently, although we’re not sure just how recently. He probably feels foolish for wrecking it the way he did and well he should. Check out the video for yourself.

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