23 Landlords Who Made A Pretty Good Argument For Eating The Rich In 2023

In 2023, landlords across the country yet again made life hell for tenants everywhere. Here are 23 screenshots of the absolute worst landlord tactics of the year, guaranteed to make you cry as you fill out your next rent check:

1.This landlord who tried to pull some shady sh*t and got put in their place:

"It went into effect July 1st so I understand if you haven't caught up to it yet."
u/Pointz663 / Via reddit.com

2.This landlord who decided to have a sex party (totally fine, nothing wrong with that!) in their tenant's backyard (not fine, do not do that):

"no parents or guests in the back yard that would not be cool with nudity and mild drug use..."
u/TheGoochDestroyer / Via reddit.com

3.This landlord who straight up took away their tenant's front door:

A piece of plywood blocking where a door should be
u/morrdeccaii / Via reddit.com

4.This landlord who tried to control how much tenants use water:

"Need to control the water..."
u/alc1anblue / Via reddit.com

5.This landlord who tried to charge a tenant for a door handle that broke off in his hand:

"50 pounds?"
u/krumcvetkov / Via reddit.com

6.This landlord who "fixed" the ceiling after a shower leak:

a piece of wood covering a hole in the ceiling
u/thedoglurker / Via reddit.com

7.This landlord who decided to evict their tenant to "move his parents in" and then tried to raise the rent for the final two months the tenant was living there:

"let me know if you have adjusted the rent by 2.5% Up according to law"
u/apostatehobo / Via reddit.com

8.This landlord who thought saying "I'm broke" over and over would suddenly make it the tenant's problem:

"Just don't get on it till further notice"
u/MoreLikeCrapitalism- / Via reddit.com

9.This landlord who made a tenant get a whole part-time job for only $85 off their rent:

"Owner will provide shovel and lawn mower will be left on property."
u/Supergatovisual / Via reddit.com

10.These landlords who commiserated over the fact that no one can afford to pay their exorbitant rent:

"As close to 3x as we can get."
u/dorkmaster5000 / Via reddit.com

11.This landlord who gave their tenant a measly $55 of their $900 deposit back (even though they left no mess and took amazing care of the apartment when they lived there):

A check for "$55.00"
u/grandpatrout / Via reddit.com

12.This landlord who Airbnb'd their tenant's apartment while they were on vacation:

"He is refusing any liability..."
u/enigmaticbloke / Via reddit.com

13.This landlord who I'm convinced doesn't really want to fix the dryer:

"Noone there"
u/ShennaQuinn / Via reddit.com
"They came twice already."
u/ShennaQuinn / Via reddit.com

14.This landlord who took away the dumpster with zero notice:

"We ain't have a dumpster for a week now"
u/Glaxy254 / Via reddit.com

15.This landlord who required tenants to pay rent with software that charges a $51.25 "convenience fee."

A rent portal charging $51.25 for a convenience fee
u/Perhaps_Heroman237 / Via reddit.com

16.This landlord who really didn't seem that concerned about their tenant freezing to death in the night:

"I don't suggest using your portable heaters anymore."
u/SailorJay_ / Via reddit.com

17.This landlord who threatened to evict a tenant because they cooked with garlic:

"I even developed shingles."
u/CobraStopper / Via reddit.com

18.This landlord who really thought no one would be able to guess the code:

A key pad to enter a building
u/ButtermilfPanky / Via reddit.com

19.This landlord who freaked out and threatened to raise the rent because their tenant...used the AC:

"You are now so wealthy you can afford to air condition the entire city..."
u/ammo999999 / Via reddit.com

20.This landlord who sent these *very mature* notices to their tenants:

A hand-filled-in notice from a landlord
u/DonDizzle42o / Via reddit.com

21.This landlord who actually debated providing fire extinguishers:

"Do you provide fire extinguishers?"
u/dorkmaster5000 / Via reddit.com

22.This landlord who tried to bribe and threaten a former tenant after they left a negative review:

"I'm just trying to settle."
u/bombardier98 / Via reddit.com

23.This landlord who required tenants to pay their bills AND the landlord's bills:

"(this is for both the landlord and tenant)"
u/DeathCums-ForAll / Via reddit.com

H/T: r/landlordlove