‘Feisty’ raccoon gets cozy on a bookshelf — in Colorado wildlife office. See the video

A sneaky critter broke into a wildlife office and snuggled up on top of a bookshelf, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife video shows.

Staffers heard a flurry of activity and discovered a raccoon snuggled into a box on top of a bookshelf — one it chose after exploring other offices, officials said on Twitter.

“Keeping things exciting at @cpw_nwregion’s office in Grand Junction [this] morning,” officials wrote in the tweet. “After hearing some commotion, region staff found this raccoon curled up in an office. The raccoon explored a few other offices before finding one that was just right to stay warm and dry this morning.”

Video shows the raccoon doing its best to stay hidden and flattening its ears to show it wasn’t getting down from its nook willingly. A wildlife officer hooked the raccoon with a wildlife catching poleand scooted it right out the front door, where it takes off into the rainy outdoors, the video shows.

The main Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter account retweeted the video.

“Feisty as a raccoon on top of a bookcase, that one!” officials wrote in the tweet.

In the comments, someone joked they didn’t think the treatment was very nice to the raccoon.

“Y’all be nice to Ranger Rick!” they wrote, insinuating the critter looked like the iconic raccoon featured in the children’s nature magazines published by the U.S. National Wildlife Federation.

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