These Feel-Good Shows Can Help Calm You, Well Somewhat...

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Times are tough and news is not JUST about information anymore. For me personally, at times, just tuning out of the overdose of COVID related news helps calm my senses and makes me focus better on work and day to day activities. If you're struggling with finding something relaxing to watch that just helps you zone out for a bit, here are some shows you can tune into.

1. Marriage Or Mortgage

If you're a fan of shows like Queer Eye, Say I Do...Marriage or Mortgage is meant for you. Two women, one wedding planner and the other a real estate agent, help couples make the big decision as they offer the cushion of options. And who doesn't like to watch new houses and weddings being planned, especially in times like these? When is the second season dropping?

2. The Circle

I binged on the two seasons of the show, and it's all the drama and fun you could wish for, in a bag. It's a weird concept but you'll get interested as you keep on watching. Contestants join the show to win $100,000 and they make alliances or friendships with people they don't know. And they could be catfishing too!

3. Working Moms

This is the story of four friends who navigate their lives while being moms. From breastfeeding to postpartum, the show shows various stages of being a mom. The show also touches on topics like promiscuity and mid-life crisis. If you like comedy with a dose of drama and emotions, this show is a good watch.

4. New Girl

It's that basic comedy show but Zooey Deschanel just makes it the sweetest watch ever. With her and her gang who try to navigate the various hurdles of 20 somethings' lives, it's the kind of show you can binge on day or night and you'll have a good laugh.

5. Derry Girls

If you are someone who loves Schitt's Creek, I recommend you watch this too. It has a similar tone in terms of the warmth the show brings with it's comedy and characters. It's set in the 90s and shows the story of four Northern Irish teenage girls as they try to fight the evils of violence in their minds.

6. The Office

The Office is a better version of Friends, the sad part that not as many people have watched The Office. Don't get me wrong, I love both shows, but The Office is just a LITTLE better. It might seem mundane to anyone who is just starting to watch it now, but EVERY single character is a gem, you'll see.

7. Arrested Development

Another story of a rich family going broke but with all the gags in place. This show won't give you the wholesome feels Schitt's Creek manages to, but will sure give you a good laugh.

8. Young Sheldon

If you're someone who has watched The Big Bang Theory and STILL hasn't watched Young Sheldon, you're committing a crime. We can all agree that Sheldon was the single most entertaining character of the show. There's so much that Young Sheldon tells you about the backstory of Sheldon's character that it's sure to make you fall in love with the guy, even if you hated him on TBBT.

9. The Boys

What if superheroes weren't all goody good? This comedy drama sets out to explore the dark side of superheroes. So if you're someone who likes a good fantasy show, with all the drama packed superhero action, this show is a sure bet. And if black comedy is your interest, go for this one. It won't disappoint.

10. Parks and Recreation

These people are all about wanting parks. And this show is sort of like a brother to The Office. The only difference being that they step out of office too, which The Office fans feel a little sad about. But if you want to feel good, and have a laugh, Parks and Recreation is just as good!

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