FC Yahoo Set Piece podcast: Zlatan's coming to Los Angeles (probably)

(NBC Sports)

On the latest edition of the FC Yahoo podcast, Shahan Ahmed, Alex Baker and Joey Gulino debut their very first “Set Piece” pod, which is shorter and more to the point about a particular topic. Because who wants to listen to these three yammer on more than they have to?

In this instance, the guys discuss Swedish superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic appearing to be close to joining the Los Angeles Galaxy, Alex’s MLS club of choice and … well, Joey and Shahan have been to a few games at StubHub, so that’s something.

What do the guys think of the move? Is this another retirement league signing by Major League Soccer? Will Zlatan’s effortless charisma get people talking? Has Joey created a soccer playing/podcasting force of nature in “Zlahan”?

Listen below to find out, and don’t forget to follow the podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud, and tell us what you think!