What’s your favorite barbecue restaurant in the Charlotte area? Let us know in our poll.

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Fourth of July is right around the corner, which usually means there will be a bunch of cookouts all around Charlotte. What is a holiday cookout without pulled pork, barbecue ribs, brisket and more?

In the South, barbecue is both a culture and a science. Every state has their own idea of what makes the best barbecue. Texas is known for its fatty and flavorful beef brisket and South Carolina has four staple sauces: mustard, heavy tomato, light tomato or vinegar and pepper. North Carolina’s Eastern-style barbecue is known for using the whole hog while its Western-style is made of pork shoulder.

No matter where you’re from, we can all agree that barbecue is the one food that typically brings everyone together. Here are some of the barbecue styles that can be found in the Charlotte area:

  • Brisket — juicy and tender, melt-in-your-mouth meat seasoned with salt and pepper.

  • Pulled pork — brushed with a vinegar-based sauce while it’s cooking to give it a signature flavor

  • Barbecue ribs — pork ribs rubbed in a mustard and vinegar base while cooking.

This may not be everything, but that’s where you come in. We want to know which restaurant serves the best barbecue in the Charlotte area. We will use your responses in an upcoming story.

Complete the survey below or email charlottefive@charlottefive.com with your favorites!

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