FAU-G game to launch in India today: Everything we know so far

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After weeks of teasing the game, the indigenous battle royale game €" FAU-G €" is set to launch in India today, 26 January. Earlier this month, the official title track for the upcoming indigenous game FAU-G was launched. The video for the song also serves as a teaser to the real game as a new fight sequence and weaponry are shown in the clip. The game is being developed by nCORE Games.

The clip focuses on the Ladakh episode where enemy soldiers can be seen parachuting down to Indian bases. A glimpse of what can take place in the first episode of the game, the video shows a few Indian soldiers taking on the enemies with close combat without arms. In some scenes later, the soldiers can be seen using an assault rifle as well.

It gives an idea about the gameplay and sound quality of the game. Also, we see a Punjabi soldier as the protagonist for the clip and some Punjabi dialogues have been incorporated as well. Now it is to be seen whether all the episodes have one single character in the lead or not. The choice of language will be interesting to note as well, especially because the game is being marketed as the Indian version of the popular game PUBG. Akshay Kumar who is also involved with the game, shared the clip on his handle too. In the caption, he wrote: "Whether it's a problem within the country or at the border...these Bharat Ke Veer always stand tall. They are our Fearless And United Guards, our FAU-G! Witness the anthem".

Earlier, during Dussehra, nCore had launched the first trailer for the game. It was then marketed to be launched in November 2020.

As per a recent interview of Ncore Games Founder, Chairman, Vishal Gondal with IGN India, FAU-G will also introduce "a story mode to start with which will allow for single-player and co-operative play". Notably, this mode will not be rolled out today. According to Gondal, "We are not launching it on day zero with all these modes, we want the game to be stabilised and avoid any potential issues like latency. The story mode will be the first one. And then we are hoping that over the period of six to eight months intermediately we will be launching more features and updates."

Gondal emphasised that they are not copying the PUBG game as FAUG has unique weapons and locations. He says, "We are not trying to copy PUBG, true to the story of Galwan there are no [conventional] weapons in this but there are unique weapons, which were used by actual soldiers," he says. "Having said that, in the future updates as we go outside Galwan Valley, there will be weapons. And you saw the trailer where we even showed paragliding and machine guns. We want people to know that aise nahi he ke nahin hoga ye but ye aage chal ke hoga [which roughly translates to: it's not like it won't happen, it'll happen down the line]. Guns and other conventional weapons will be there later on. The first level that we are launching with will not have that."

He also says that there is "no mindless shooting or just fighting for the sake of fighting in this game". According to him, the game comes with a "larger purpose".

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