These Fast Growing Trees Will Afford You More Privacy at Home

Keep out prying eyes while creating a beautiful landscape around your home.

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Whether you're moving into a new home or just want to create some extra privacy for your current property, planting trees can be a great way to keep out the eyes of passersby. However, you may not want to wait several years for them to grow to effective heights in your yard and around your home. Good news: there are several tree species known for their fast growth rates within several months to just a couple years: from the trumpet shaped yellow oleander to the swift growing bamboo. Read on to learn about 10 of our favorite fast-growing trees and the care and maintenance each requires:

Small leaf clusia

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The thick and glossy leaves of the small leaf clusia make for a perfect privacy hedge for shelter from the wind, noise or neighbors. “Thriving in full sun, the small tree is salt and drought tolerant when established” advises Stephen McFarlane, Regional Landscape Manager, Sandals Resorts International. “For a healthy hedge, water on a regular basis making sure the soil has good drainage, while regular trimming is required to keep the plant in check.

Areca Palm

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This bamboo-like clustering palm makes for an excellent privacy screen. McFarlane describes this palm as graceful and elegant. This tree features many trunks with long, arching, feathery fronds. He recommends planting the palm in places with bright, indirect light, however it can be grown in sun or shade.  This palm is moderately salt tolerant and requires rich, well-drained soil.

Yellow Oleander

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Closely related to Nerium oleander, this small tropical tree is grown for its large, trumpet-shaped flowers and willow-like, glossy-green leaves. “The yellow oleander grows in full sun and tolerates most soils,” says McFarlane.

Crepe myrtle

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This is a beautiful, upright, multi-stemmed small tree that provides stunning blooms in summer.  
“Relatively low maintenance, crepe myrtles need full sun to thrive and bloom prolifically,” says McFarlane. “As they are susceptible to root rot, ensure soil is well draining.”

Royal poinciana

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This is a fast growing, large, deciduous tree is one of the most spectacular flowering trees in the tropics, it requires ample space given its large spread. According to McFarlane, the royal poinciana grows in full sun, with moderate moisture and in well-drained soil.

Leyland Cypress

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A robust evergreen, the Leyland Cypress is a great choice for a dense privacy barrier. “The cypress grows up to 3-4 feet annually,” advises Matthew New, Landscape Expert at “The cypress thrives in full sun and well-drained soil and regular pruning keeps it manageable.”


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The bamboo offers an attractive, unique, fast-growing screen. New describes the bamboo as being able to grow several feet in a day. He recommends ample watering, partial shade to full sun and the use of root barriers to control its spread.


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A classic choice for privacy, the arborvitae develops into a dense, conical shape. “The growth rates is about 1-2 feet per year,” says New. “The tree is adaptable to various soils, requiring regular watering and is valued for its low maintenance and adaptability.”

Hybrid Poplar (Populus):

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Jack/Getty Images

Tall and fast-growing, the Hybrid poplar is ideal for quick screening. New advises that this species can grow up to 8 feet per year; prefers full sun and moist soil; and pruning is essential for its attractiveness.

Italian Cypress

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mammuth/Getty Images

Offering a tall, slender form for an elegant privacy solution, the Italian cypress grows approximately 3 feet per year. “Drought-tolerant post-establishment, thriving in full sun, the Italian cypress is a favorite for its minimal water requirement,” says New.

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