Fascinating if true: Toyota GR 86 could spawn Lexus variant

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Neither the Toyota GR 86 or its Subaru BRZ platform twin are out yet, but there are already whispers of a third variant for the lightweight sports coupe. Japanese media are reporting that the GR 86 will spawn a Lexus variant, and that there's already a name for it, the Lexus UC.

According to Japanese site Spyder7, the UC will stand for Urban Coupe, fitting in nicely with the Lexus UX nomenclature. It might measure slightly larger than the GR 86. The upcoming GR 86 has a length of 168 inches, but the report says the the Lexus UC could be almost a foot longer, with a total length of about 177 inches.

That doesn't mean there will be any more interior room. The extra length will likely come from a heavily redesigned front and rear fascia, much more different than the GR 86 and BRZ are from each other. Lexus Enthusiast has a spy shot of the vehicle allegedly undergoing testing. The car in the photo wears a version of Lexus's trademark spindle grille.

Meanwhile, Creative Trend reports that the UC's 2.4-liter boxer engine could be mated to a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Subaru does not currently have a PHEV system attached to that engine. The Crosstrek PHEV uses a 2.0-liter engine for its gasoline half, so if these rumors prove correct it would be a first for the 2.4-liter.

The report also states that the interior might take on the new Lexus interface that debuted recently with the NX. That would differentiate the Lexus even more from the Toyobaru twins, which have almost identical cabins.

While all of this still resides in the realm of rumor, Toyota did make one official announcement regarding the GR 86. It will make its driving debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where the GR Supra made a similar appearance in 2018. We'll be looking for it when the event opens July 8.

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