Fans are very confused by Jesy Nelson's latest performance

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Jesy Nelson's latest performance is baffling fans, and we can see why. The former Little Mix star is set to appear on Graham Norton's chat show later this week with a line up that's bizarre, even for The Graham Norton Show, including Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen and Judi Dench. That's right, Jesy Nelson and Barack Obama all in the same sentence.

The Graham Norton Show is known for some pretty random celebrity line-ups, with precious wild combos including Matthew Perry with Miriam Margolyes (incredible), and Tom Hanks with Stephen Graham.

However, the list of celebrities joining Graham on the sofa this week has really got people confused, mainly because it involves Jesy Nelson and Barack Obama.

To say that people were surprised it a bit of an understatement, with many fans taking to Twitter to ask how the world of celebrity got to a point where the former Little Mix star would be on the same show as an actual President. And while the lineup as a whole had people scratching their heads (Dame Judi Dench, Bruce Springsteen, Jesy Nelson, Barack Obama, Jamie Dornan, Tinie Tempah and Salma Hayek) it was the Jesy and Obama combo that prompted many to brand the lineup "chaotic" and "messy," adding that they'll definitely be watching.

Honestly, it's like Graham decided the lineup with a game of M.A.S.H.

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