Fans Are Super Concerned for Jennifer Garner After Seeing One of Her Latest Videos

Fans Are Super Concerned for Jennifer Garner After Seeing One of Her Latest Videos

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Apart from being a celebrated actress and a dedicated baker, Jennifer Garner is also an avid athlete. While she has had a ton of practice with dynamic moves, one of her most recent stunts had fans on the edge of their seats.

On September 16, the 13 Going on 30 star shared her latest accomplishment in her ongoing fitness journey. In a short Instagram video, Jennifer attempted to jump up on an almost three-foot tall foam plyo box, and it proved to be quite challenging. But after just one fail, she quickly got the hang of it. The Adam Project cast member showed off how comfortable she felt doing the at-home workout. “33” is very tall. 🐸,” she captioned the clip.

Though she received lots of support in-person, folks watching the snippet on social media were concerned about the setup, which appeared to be on a second floor with an open balcony door.

“I was worried you might fly through the door!” one person wrote in the comments section. “So impressive. But I am very nervous that the other side is the open doors to the hard patio floor. Why not have the solid wall for the other side to keep you from falling? 😱,” another added. “Woohoo yeah 👏🏼👏🏼❤️ but please don’t do this right in front of an open door [though],” a different fan chimed in.

That said, others were simply left in awe seeing Jennifer’s strength. “Damn woman, that's awesome! 👏,” a follower commented. “Wow!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥,” someone else added. “You are always so amazing in so many ways!!!!” another quipped.

So, how has the 50-year-old Alias alum worked her way up to this? According to trainer Beth Nicely, it’s a mix of plyometric box moves, dancing and strength training. "I consider her a professional athlete in what she's capable of physically. We both love to dance, we both love to work hard, I think it's a good combination," she told Shape.

ICYMI: In the midst of posting installments of her “Pretend Cooking Show,” family photos and heartwarming content, Jennifer enjoys sharing her fun dance workout routines too. But don’t let the actress’ smooth grooves fool you. “Jen's dance background might make the moves look easy, but these circuits are advanced and she is very strong," Beth told the outlet.

What an inspiration!

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