Fans react to the new GTA 6 trailer: '2024 is gonna be the longest year of our lives'

Fans react to the new GTA 6 trailer: '2024 is gonna be the longest year of our lives'

In just two days, the brand new trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 – aka GTA VI – has already racked up 107 million views. It's the number one trending video on YouTube and has broken the record for the number of views garnered by a non-music YouTube video in its first 24 hours.

The stunning numbers are not a surprise: it has been a whole decade since Rockstar, the gaming company behind the franchise, released the last chapter of the hit game series. And, when the fifth GTA launched in 2013 it made an astonishing $1 billion in worldwide sales in its first three days, making it the fastest-selling entertainment product of all time.

Despite Rockstar's best-laid plans, the trailer was leaked on Monday, and so the American video game publisher reluctantly released the one-and-a-half minute trailer on their own channels later the same day, twelve hours earlier than initially planned.

Fans have been utterly thrilled by the content that has been jam-packed into the short clip, sharing screenshots and favourite scenes across social media, praising the updated new graphics and lamenting about the year-long wait until GTA VI is released (it's currently due to launch in 2025).

"2024 is gonna be the longest year of our lives," said one fan on X. "Peak gaming is back," said another. "Masterpiece, thank you," said a third.

Here are some of the best fan reactions.

There are those who are simply thrilled about the new trailer

Then there are those who are thrilled by the trailer's content

Some fans are utterly heartbroken that the sixth chapter of the game won't be arriving until 2025

Others have been weighing in on the trailer being leaked

While others are extremely excited about GTA 6's new lead characters – a vigilante couple

There have been some interesting comparisons to real life situations

GTA VI will be released in 2025