Fans praise Harry Styles’ fashion sense after he wears yellow bell-bottoms during golf outing: ‘Glorious’

Harry Styles fans are celebrating the singer’s fashion sense after he was spotted playing golf in a pair of yellow bell-bottoms.

The pop star, 28, who is known for his unique style, reportedly wore the outfit during a trip to a golf course in Toronto, Canada, on Tuesday.

In fan photos taken of the star at the course and shared on social media, Styles could be seen standing next to a golf cart in the pale yellow flared pants, which he paired with a black polo T-shirt, white shoes, a blue baseball cap and a patterned belt. However, the singer appeared to have also worn the pants during another golf outing in New York a few days prior, as another photo, taken of Styles on a golf course with a fellow golfer, showed him pairing the yellow pants with a green polo.

“My dad was like ‘I met a guy today apparently he’s pretty famous’. I’m like ‘cool, who’. He’s like ‘idk his name’ then sends a picture. Tell me why it’s Harry Styles lol,” the caption on the photo, which has since been liked more than 538,000 times, reads.

In response to the photos, fans have applauded Styles’ fashion sense, with many sharing their appreciation for the singer’s decision to forgo clothes that would be more commonly found on a golf course in favour of an outfit that suits his style.

“I love Harry‘s golf style. It’s like he dove through a 70s country club’s lost and found and it’s glorious,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “It’s unreal that Harry styles wore bell-bottoms to golf,” while someone else added: “Only Harry Styles would wear bloody flares to play golf.”

Others joked that you wouldn’t have guessed from Styles’ outfit that he was playing a round of golf, with another fan tweeting that the “beauty of Harry Styles’ wardrobe is that you wouldn’t even think he was playing golf here”.

There were also those who found wardrobe inspiration in Styles’ golfing look, with someone else questioning: “What does it say about me that I want to dress like Harry Styles’ golf wardrobe???”

“The man does fashion even when he’s golfing,” one fan wrote, while another said: “These pants are fantastic.”

While the majority of the comments focused on Styles’ outfit, and praise for his willingness to take photos with fans on the golf course, the singer’s outing also appeared to inspire an interest in taking up the sport.

“FINE I’ll take the damn golf lessons,” one person joked, while someone else said: “I will learn golf and go to golf clubs just for a chance to run into Harry Styles.”

According to a recent report, Styles, who is currently in New York City for his Love On Tour, enjoys turning to the activity as a way to relax while touring.

“Harry loves to unwind by playing golf. When you’ve got over 60,000 fans screaming your name with every movement it can be overwhelming,” a source recently told The Sun . “A round of golf is the complete opposite of a stadium show – it’s peaceful and by its nature comes with privacy, so it’s perfect. Harry has made sure to check out as many golf courses as possible as he tours the world. He’s even added golfing clothes to his luggage.”