Fans Gush Over Throwback Taylor Swift-Usher Clip, 12 Years Before Super Bowl

Social media users couldn’t get enough of resurfaced clips featuring Taylor Swift performing with Usher over a decade before the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Videos from the 2011 performance show the singer-songwriter mentioning that she has “friends” at her Speak Now World Tour stop in Atlanta before she introduced the future halftime show headliner with the first line from his hit song “Yeah!.”

“Peace up, A-town down,” said Swift before Usher appeared on stage to perform the track.

The two danced together and sang different lines from the number before Swift –– with some stumbling blocks –– took on most of Ludacris/Lil’ Jon verse.

They later hugged before two of Usher’s kids walked onstage toward their father.

TikTok users gushed over the footage, with one writing “this is exactly what i want.”


“Hear me out….she performs with Usher tonight and drops reputation with an Usher feature,” another fan theorized.

While Usher is set to take the stage at halftime, Swift –– who arrived in Las Vegas after performing in Tokyo this weekend –– will not perform “in any capacity” during the Super Bowl, sources told TMZ.

Usher, in an interview with Yahoo! Music after the surprise performance, declared that Swift was “crunk for real.”

“In Atlanta, she came out. She did her thing. I didn’t know she and hip-hop swag like that. She came out and they enjoyed it,” said Usher, who revealed that the cameo came after a last minute call from Swift while he was at the park with his children.

You can check out the video of the performance below.