Fans fume after ‘Wheel of Fortune’ seemingly makes mistake

On Thursday’s Wheel Of Fortune, contestant Angela Evans won big with a little help from host Pat Sajak. Evans is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and was part of the very special “Veteran Week” celebration on the show.

During the final puzzle in regulation, it sounded like Evans asked for the consonant B but Sajak thought she said D. There was a D in the puzzle and no B. Evans solved the puzzle, “DRINKING FROM A COCONUT,” just a few moments later.

With the win Evans advanced to the bonus round, in which the same thing seemingly happened again. When she was selected her three consonants it sounded like she asked for B-H-B. Sajak asked, “By the way, the third consonant was a D - Is that what you said? B-H-D?” To add to the confusion Evans said, “No, B.” To which Sajak replied, “No, first one was B then you called an H.”

Eventually they got it sorted out, though it wasn’t much help because there were no B’s or D’s in the puzzle. Regardless, fans at home were upset and took to Twitter to voice their frustration.

While Evans didn’t win the bonus puzzle, she did go home with $19,800 worth of prizes. So in the end it was a pretty good day...or bay, as Evans might say.