Fans have every right to rejoice if Leafs slay the Tampa dragon

Almost two decades of playoff disappointment makes you desperate but if the Maple Leafs get over the line against Tampa in their first-round playoff series, Toronto fans have every right to celebrate like they've won the Stanley Cup.

Video Transcript

SAM CHANG: This moment reminds me of 2011 when the Canucks played the Blackhawks again. And like, the infamous they've slayed the dragon goal. Like--


SAM CHANG: That's pretty much what this is going to feel like if they win. And it, I know people are going to say, oh, they are celebrating like they won the Cup. We still talk about that dragon slayer goal like, 10 years later, 11 years later.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: It's OK to have moments like that, where like, it's a first-round win, or a second-round win, even if it doesn't result in a Stanley Cup. And like, immortalize that forever. And celebrate it. And go back to that. That is totally fine. And if the Leafs win game 6, or even if they go back to game 7, and win game 7, these fans have every right to remember that as a massive deal. You know?

We're going to hear the call, and like Chris Cuthbert will have some immortal call, and we'll play that all over. Like that's going to be something we're going to remember for a very long time. And Justin you're probably going to have to live with that.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Oh, yeah. I mean, I don't really care. He'll live and die with it, but you're right. Certified dragon. Tampa Bay is a certified dragon. So if you slay the dragon, I think you can be happy with just one series victory if it doesn't go well in the next round.