Fans defend Olivia Wilde from ‘problematic’ pregnancy rumours

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Fans have defended Olivia Wilde from ‘problematic’ rumours that she may be pregnant after she was seen wearing a loose-fitting T-shirt.

The pregnancy rumours began to circulate after a photo of Wilde was posted on Twitter, in which she could be seen wearing a white T-shirt that said “Morrissey” and a pair of black sweatpants.

“Is Olivia Wilde pregnant lol,” one Twitter user wrote, along with the photo of the actor.

“Soooooo… it’s true then… she’s PREGNANT,” another person added.

The rumour also prompted some fans to suggest that Harry Styles, who has reportedly been dating Wilde since January 2021, was the father. The 38-year-old director is a mother of two, as she shares eight-year-old son, Otis, and five-year-old daughter, Daisy, with her ex-husband Jason Sudeikis.

“Olivia Wilde pregnant with Harry’s baby,” one person wrote. “We’re about to see levels of delusion we have not seen since Larries [Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles fans] convinced themselves that Louis Tomlinson’s baby was fake. Everyone prepare yourselves.”

However, multiple fans have since condemned those who have spread the rumour on the basis that people should never make assumptions about a woman’s body.

“‘Olivia Wilde is pregnant with Harry Styles’ baby,’” one Twitter user wrote. “I thought we agreed to no longer talk about women’s bodies and assume that if they gained a few pounds they are automatically pregnant. These comments get fatphobic, sexist, slut-shamey, and problematic so fast.”

“I do not like Olivia Wilde but never EVER body-shame anyone,” another added. “Saying ‘omg she’s pregnant’ is horrible. You do not assume someone is pregnant unless they tell you. DO NOT BODY SHAME.”

Others noted the issues with suggesting Wilde is expecting a child just because of the way her stomach looked in a photo.

“People need to realise that she is a WOMAN who has had TWO kids,” one fan said. “Bloating is normal, so is having a bulge at the bottom of your stomach. It’s called a uterus. Please do your research before you start a ridiculous rumour about her being pregnant.”

“Do y’all know how offensive it is to say a woman is pregnant just because their stomach isn’t flat?” another person added. “Leave Olivia Wilde alone man.”

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