Fans Bombard Katy Perry After She Comments on Kelly Clarkson's Latest Kellyoke Cover

a couple of women singing into microphones
Katy Perry Reacts to Kelly Clarkson's CoverGetty Images

Kelly Clarkson's Kellyoke is popular for a reason, namely Clarkson's incredible voice. But don't just take our word for it. One of the most iconic pop stars in the country was even taken aback by one of Kelly's recent performances

On March 19, Kelly covered Katy Perry's hit song "Wide Awake" on The Kelly Clarkson Show. In the clip posted to Instagram, fans see Kelly on a moody set, dressed in a mini skirt and black turtleneck, as she belts out the song.

While many of Kelly's covers get attention from fans in the comments, we couldn't help but notice one very familiar name in the section. "Ok dang, I can never sing that again," Katy, who originally debuted the song in 2012, wrote.

Naturally, after seeing Katy's comment, dozens and dozens of fans rushed to support her and Clarkson, saying how they enjoy both versions. "This is so great, you both supporting each other… this is what we need!! And there is no comparison needed, you can just… both be awesome… huge fan of both of you (and a lot of other music artists)," one person wrote.

There were also a lot of comments asked for the two to do a duo together. "You two need to do a song together," someone said. "Duet?!?," someone else asked.

Needless to say, we think both Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry's versions of "Wide Awake" are perfect in their own ways, but we won't complain if we get a Katy/Kelly song out of this.

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