Fans aren't happy with Kim Kardashian's latest Instagram post

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The Kardashian-Jenners are known for making headlines, obviously. But, even by their standards the last few days have been a pretty big deal, with Kourtney marrying new partner Travis Barker in a lavish Italian wedding following two previous weddings. Because, why do it once when you could do it three times, right? But while we've all been distracted by the big event Kim Kardashian shared a post from the weekend that left fans pretty disappointed.

The Kar-Jenner's social media presence was big this weekend, with pretty much all of the sisters sharing Stories and pictures from Kravis's big day. However, while trawling through snaps of Kourtney's dress, Kylie's night before look, or Kendall's slight wardrobe malfunction, fans spotted something about Kim's recent post that they weren't too keen on.

While Kim has posted a series of pics and videos on her Story showing the wedding, her grid was a different story; instead of images from the weekend Kim shared a picture of two of her kids holding hands.

Obviously, this is adorable. They're even wearing coordinated outfits! However, fans are in the midst of peak Kravis information-gathering right now, so as much as we love the kids, that's not what we came for...

"We're waiting for the wedding pics Kimmy," once fan commented. "Where’s the wedding pics?" another wrote, and a third said, "Everyone waiting for Kim to post her fits in Italy🤝."

Look, we get it. But, how cute do they look!

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