Family of three die after falling into volcanic crater in Italy

Three members of the same family have died after falling into a volcanic crater in Italy.

An 11-year-old boy and his parents were killed when they fell into the crater near Naples, according to reports.

His brother, aged seven, didn’t enter the crater and survived.

It is understood the couple’s older son crossed a safety barrier at the Solfatara crater at Pozzuoli and fell in the hole.

The boy and his parents died at the crater near Naples (Picture: AP)

When his mother, 42, and father, 45, rushed to help him and tried to pull him to safety, the base of the crater collapsed, causing them to plunge 5ft.


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It is not known if the three family members died instantly as a result of the extreme temperatures inside the volcano.

Emergency crews and tourists rushed to the scene to try to help the family.

It was reported that the family are from Turin.

Solfatara of Pozzuoli is a popular tourist attraction and one of a number of volcanoes to the west of Naples.

Emergency services were on the scene within minutes (Picture: AP)

Eyewitness Diego Vitagliano, a worker at the site, said: ‘I saw a child run crying, I did not think I was facing the worst tragedy of my life.

‘I was at the Solfatara for work, along with other visitors we realised that something had happened and we approached the crater.’