Family finds cryptic poem on wall while redecorating home, traces owner who wrote it 46 years ago

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An unusual message was found by a family on their wall while redecorating their home.

When the family peeled the back paper of the wall, they found a cryptic message that read, "I am here, you are there, separated by time alone. What's it like in the future? Or am I the past? The only answer to that - you are my future, I am your past. I wish you good day 1975 Eileen Walmsley".

The Lancashire family were then able to locate the author of the poem using social media. The 62-year-old woman named Eileen, who now has the last name Palmer, wrote this note when she was around 14 or 15 years old.

The original author of the poem on the wall had moved into the house when she was only four years old. Later on, she moved to Brighton for university when she turned 18. Eileen only visited her childhood home in Accrington after that.

Speaking about the house, Eileen said that it is a fundamental part of her life and she is glad that the new family saw it and brought back memories for her. Her family which included her parents and two siblings lived there for around 60 years, however, she stopped visiting after losing her father in 2017 and mother in 2018.

Eileen said that the note reminded her of a time in life when she had a romantic image of life. She added that it reminds her how generations come forward and life changes. The woman was thinking about time and time travel and that's when she thought of writing a poem.

Appreciating the new resident of the house, Karl, Eileen said that he has done a beautiful job. The room that belonged to Eileen and her sister is with Karl's daughter now. The poem on the wall was spotted while the family was redecorating her room.


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