Fallon Says Putin Is ‘No Stranger to Prisoner Swaps': Actually the Name of the ‘Most Popular Reality Show in Russia’ (Video)

Jimmy Fallon isn’t surprised that it took a prisoner swap with Russia to secure the release of WNBA star Brittney Griner this week. The late night host joked that “Prisoner Swap” is actually a very popular reality show under President Vladimir Putin.

On Thursday, it was announced that Griner would be released and sent home to the States, after almost a year of being detained in Russia. In exchange for her release, the U.S. released Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, known as the “merchant of death.” Bout was serving a 25-year sentence after conspiring to sell weapons meant to be used against Americans.

It was a controversial decision, drawing some backlash from those who worry it wasn’t a fair trade. But, Fallon wasn’t shocked at all, joking that it probably made for good television in Russia.

“Putin is no stranger to prisoner swaps. In fact, ‘Prisoner Swap’ is the most popular reality show in Russia,” he joked.

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The “Tonight Show” host also poked fun at Bout’s looks, comparing him to comedian Jeff Foxworthy because of the men’s similar mustache.

“When asked for a statement, he said, ‘If your wife has ever said, ‘Come move these rocket launchers so I can take a bath,’ you might be an international arms dealer,'” Fallon imitated, putting on his best Foxworthy accent.

The late night host also joked that it was pretty apparent that President Joe Biden was “fired up” about securing a diplomatic win “when he began his speech with ‘It’s Brittney, b—-!'”

A two-time Olympic gold medalist, Griner was publicly detained in Russia as of March 5, 2022, with Russia citing vape canisters containing cannabis oil found in her luggage that February. The canisters were found as the Phoenix Mercury player arrived in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport to play for a Russian women’s team during the WNBA offseason. Griner pled guilty in July, emphasizing, “I didn’t want to break the law,” and was sentenced to nine years in Russian detainment.

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.

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