Fall Is Coming and You *Need* To Know How To Lay Your Edges — Here's How To Ace It

For Black and Brown people, edges are a crucial aspect of hair grooming that can add a polished finishing touch to any hairstyle. They are the fine and delicate hairs that grow along the hairline and are called "baby hairs." Over time, edge styling has become an art form involving cutting, trimming and styling hair to create intricate and creative designs that express an individual's unique style and personality.

Edge control products, brushes and accessories are often used to create precise patterns that are sleek and well-defined. These tools help to ensure that the edges are laid and tidy, perfectly framing the face and enhancing the overall appearance of any hairstyle. Well-groomed edges can make a significant difference in the final look, making it appear more polished and put-together.


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Baby hairs have been a significant aspect of cultural identity for Black and Latinx communities for generations, serving as a form of self-expression, creativity and individuality. This style gained immense popularity in the '90s, especially within the Hip-Hop and R&B music scene, and then expanded to influence the fashion industry as a whole, becoming an unofficial accessory. It was only a short time before we started seeing this style being featured in runways and major campaigns for big fashion houses, as it gained more mainstream recognition and acceptance. The incorporation of baby hairs in fashion and beauty spaces has allowed for a greater appreciation and celebration of Black and Latinx culture in its entirety.

How To Style Baby Hairs?

Curly Hair Expert for Garnier Sabrina Osman Ahmed told Hypebae Beauty, "Baby hairs are hard to control since they have a different texture than the rest of our hair, especially for those with tight curls. Treat them differently and use a good product with hold to keep them in place."

"To keep your hair laid and lasting all day, use a high-hold product like Garnier Pure Clean Gel," Ahmed says. "It provides a 24-hour hold without any flakes. Apply a small amount with an edge control brush or clean toothbrush for sleek styles or fun baby hair designs."