#Fake: PM Modi, Amit Shah never talked about this!

Rahul M
·2 min read

A highly incendiary -- and fake -- news clipping has been doing the rounds on social media platforms, misquoting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah with the express intention of maligning them and creating disharmony in the society.

The news item, from a daily whose name blurred in the image, shows a headline which says that Prime Minister Modi said, ‘To win the trust of Hindus, it was necessary to kill Muslims and farmers’.


Just a simple glance at the shoddy image will tell you that it has been photoshopped. But to be fully sure, our fact check team flipped through all recent and past statements of the prime minister. We found no trace of any such remark made by the prime minister and thus no media outlet reported it.

Even online search engines did not throw up any such statement. It is obvious that this is a clear attempt to malign the prime minister; had anyone, leave alone the prime minister, made such a comment, the entire media would have reported it.

The blurred newspaper name and the shoddy photoshop attempt also are a dead giveaway that this news clipping is a fake.

Citizens need to be careful while sharing such images and fake news as such acts embolden the creators of fake news and lead to many gullible people actually believing such false information.

The same fake news clipping also targets Home Minister Amit Shah, with the photoshopped headline ‘quoting’ him as having said: ‘Ram Temple will never be built’.

This statement, just like the comment attributed to Prime Minister Modi, is also completely untrue. The home minister has never made any such remark.

The origin of this fake clipping is a Facebook page, named ‘Mulayam Putra Akhilesh’.

Following a lot of people pointing out to the untruths being spread through the post, Facebook has flagged it as ‘fake’, alerting people to it.


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