Facing ‘outrageous,’ ‘exhausting’ hurdles, Boise restaurant to close after 12 years

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When chef Christine Reid opened Locavore in 2010, emphasizing close-to-home ingredients wasn’t just challenging, it was less common than it is nowadays.

“Why the name ‘Locavore?’ ” she explained to an Idaho Statesman restaurant reviewer. “It’s kind of my new direction, which is focusing on local ingredients, local vendors and much more local support of the neighborhood and other businesses.”

More than a decade later — two years into a world-changing pandemic — running a restaurant has gotten even trickier.

Case in point: The Bown Crossing bistro and cafe at 3110 S. Bown Way will close after a final day Sunday, May 22. It will be open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily until it shutters.

Reid informed customers of the impending shutdown on Instagram at @locavore_boise.

“It’s been quite the 12 year journey!” Reid wrote. “And thanks to all of our clients, friends and family you made her what she is today! Unfortunately, our lease renewal is up and the market has doubled, food costs are outrageous, food shortages are exhausting.

“My staff has stayed with me through all of the pandemic craziness and we would not be here without them! We love them more than anything and will miss seeing and being part of their lives every day. ... But, all great things must come to an end ... and this is ours. Here’s to a vacation, a respite and the new beginning. Please follow us on Instagram for details on pop-ups, cooking classes and private dinner events happening in the future.”

Prior to opening Locavore, Reid was an owner of the now-defunct Pair, Red Room Tavern and City Grill.

Diners sit on the patio outside Locavore in 2010.
Diners sit on the patio outside Locavore in 2010.
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