Facebook adds new Pages features to help creators connect with fans and get discovered

Facebook is introducing new Pages features that are designed to help creators get discovered and connect with their followers, the company announced on Tuesday.

Most notably, the social network is rolling out a new setting for creators that makes content exclusively available to top fans and subscribers. Creators can select the option by going into their Audience settings and selecting the "Top fans" option when sharing a new post. In the future, Facebook plans to roll out a new setting for creators that will allow them to give some fans early access to special content.

The company is also launching "Creator Endorsements," which gives creators the option to spotlight each other and invite their followers to follow another creator that they like. Once a creator that you follow endorses another creator, you will receive a notification that will ask you if you want to follow the recommended creator.

In addition, Facebook is adding "Rising Creator Labels" to make it easier for users to discover up-and-coming creators on the platform. Creators who have earned a spot in the top 1% of rising creators in a given week will be notified. Facebook notes that the label shows that a creator's content has received strong audience engagement, while meeting quality, originality and integrity guidelines. The label will be displayed on the creator's Page and in users' feeds under a "Discover more rising creators to follow" carousel in order to help the creator grow their audience.

The social network is also rolling out new post and story templates for creators to auto mention new top fans. Facebook says the new templates are designed to help creators easily show appreciation for their followers' support. The template reads: "Big shoutout to my newest top fans!" and then lists a few of the creator's new top fans. The company also says the templates will help increase engagement.

Last, Facebook is giving creators on iOS access to a composer selector in their navigation bar to allow them to quickly make a story, reel or go live. The company didn't say when or if the feature will be available for creators on Android.

The launch of the new features comes as the company has been building out features for creators. Facebook recently launched a “Music Revenue Sharing” feature to allow video creators to include licensed music in their videos on Facebook and earn a share of in-stream ad revenue. With this feature, whenever a creator uses licensed music in their videos on Facebook that are 60 seconds or longer, they can earn money on certain videos through in-stream ads.