Fabrique 1840 Virtual Market

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October 1 to 31, 2021

Fabrique 1840 Virtual Market by Simons

Meet over 70 Canadian craftspeople.
Meet over 70 Canadian craftspeople.
Meet over 70 Canadian craftspeople.

QUEBEC CITY, Sept. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fabrique 1840 par Simons and National Bank are teaming up to celebrate the creative work of our local professional craftspeople. In collaboration with the Canadian Crafts Federation (CCF), which has worked closely with various regional councils for over 100 years, they’re showcasing pieces by over 70 passionate craftspeople in a large, unique virtual marketplace on simons.ca.

National Bank’s valuable support helps local businesses grow and, in turn, enrich their communities and their art, creating a strong network of mutual promotion and recognition. From east to west and north to south, we’re showcasing the creative talent of our provinces and territories while encouraging people to shop local, which is very important to the development of our economic fabric.

“Our entrepreneurs are pillars of community development. National Bank is very proud to support them in the day-to-day. We hope that this collaboration with Simons and the Canadian Crafts Federation allows you to appreciate our local craftspeople’s talent,” says Geneviève Turbide-Potvin, Vice President of Transaction and Financing Solutions for Commercial Banking at National Bank.

Unique jewellery, decorative accessories, and utilitarian objects that have been meticulously handcrafted by creators from across Canada will enrich your everyday with art and authenticity. Raw materials are transformed into durable, one-of-a-kind items that tell a story.

“We are delighted that this partnership is bringing the best of all participants together: professional artists, community engagement, an excellent market, and most of all—incredible work from craft artists across the country. Craft speaks for itself, but the story it tells is broad and meaningful. Buying craft is about more than a purchase—it becomes part of your personal collection, your personal story. Connecting with craft makes a difference, and the CCF is here to help connect people to that purpose,” explains Maegen Black, Director of the Canadian Crafts Federation.

This virtual marketplace will showcase Canadian talent, while being yet another opportunity to celebrate the creative work of local professional craftspeople. Visit simons.ca from October 1 to 31, 2021.

About Fabrique 1840
Simons, a fashion destination since 1840, makes its unique expertise available to Canadian creators through Fabrique 1840, which it launched in the fall of 2018. This online platform is a place to celebrate and support creativity, culture, community, and leadership—fundamental values written in Simons' DNA. It's a showcase for over 300 talented creators and craftspeople who explore all artistic fields, including interior decor, fashion accessories, stationery, and leatherworking. Fabrique 1840 brings together all the best Canada has to offer: artisans at the top of their game.
Visit www.fabrique1840.com or follow Fabrique1840 on Instagram: @fabrique1840 or Facebook: facebook.com/fabrique1840

About National Bank of Canada
With $354 billion in assets as of July 31, 2021, National Bank of Canada, together with its subsidiaries, forms one of Canada’s leading integrated financial groups. It has more than 26,000 employees in knowledge-intensive positions and has been recognized numerous times as a top employer and for its commitment to diversity. Its securities are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: NA). Follow the Bank’s activities at nbc.ca or via social media such as
Facebook: facebook.com/nationalbanknetworks and Twitter: twitter.com/nationalbank or LinkedIn.

About the Canadian Crafts Federation
The Canadian Crafts Federation is a national network of professional craftspeople representing over 5,000 creators from coast to coast. Thanks to the Federation, craftspeople are building relationships with the Canadian market, which helps them gain visibility in communities across the country. Its many councils play a key role in helping entrepreneurs grow. To learn more about the Federation’s mission and history, visit https://canadiancraftsfederation.ca/.

For additional information:
Cécile Branco, Director of Fabrique 1840

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