F1 Monaco Grand Prix LIVE! Perez wins after Schumacher crash - Race result, reaction and latest news

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F1 Monaco Grand Prix LIVE! Perez wins after Schumacher crash - Race result, reaction and latest news

F1 Monaco Grand Prix LIVE!

Sergio Perez rebounded from Red Bull team orders that denied him a chance to race for the win one week ago to pick up his first Formula One win of the season in the rain-hit Monaco Grand Prix.

Perez earned his third career F1 victory on the slick city streets of Monaco after a questionable strategy call by Ferrari cost pole-sitter Charles Leclerc a win on his home circuit.

Although Leclerc finished the race for the first time in four tries, he finished fourth and allowed reigning world champion Max Verstappen to extend his lead in the points standings. Carlos Sainz finished second for Ferrari and Verstappen was third for Red Bull.

Verstappen now leads Leclerc by nine points in the standings; Leclerc has two wins this season, Verstappen and Perez have combined for five victories as Red Bull and Ferrari have claimed all seven races.

But the win went to Verstappen's teammate just one week after Perez was ordered to cede the lead to Verstappen during the Spanish Grand Prix. Leclerc had dropped out of the race with an engine failure and Red Bull chose to capitalize by manipulating the finish to get Verstappen the win in Spain.

The team promised Perez he'd be allowed to race for wins and held its word Sunday.

“You dream of winning this, and after your home race, there is no place more special to win,” Perez said after waving the Mexican flag.

Monaco Grand Prix Highlights

  • RED FLAG! Heavy rain delays start

  • LIGHTS OUT! Race finally begins with rolling start

  • PIT STOPS! Leclerc loses lead to Perez

  • RED FLAG! Schumacher crashes out

  • CHEQUERED FLAG! Perez wins!

Breaking news!

19:27 , Marc Mayo

Sergio Perez faces losing his momentous victory in the Monaco Grand Prix after Ferrari launched a protest against his and Max Verstappen’s exits from the pit lane.

Both Red Bull drivers appeared to touch the yellow line that separates the exit from the track after the first turn of the Monaco circuit. Perez went on to beat Carlos Sainz to the chequered flag by just over a second, with Verstappen and Charles Leclerc following closely behind.

Romain Grosjean was slapped with a five-second time penalty for crossing the line during the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix yet stewards simply “noted” the incident during this year’s manic race.

“Ferrari have made a protest against Max,” Red Bull boss Christian Horner told reporters after the race. “All the footage we’ve seen we’ve been content with.”

Read the full story.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Thanks for joining us today!

17:57 , Marc Mayo

Sergio Perez won the maddest Formula One Monaco Grand Prix for years as Charles Leclerc’s home-race curse continued in agonising fashion.

Read the full story.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

17:50 , Marc Mayo

Mick Schumacher gives his take on his crash

17:42 , Marc Mayo

“I’m feeling alright, it’s very annoying. In terms of pace, we were definitely there and it’s just a matter of keeping it on track – unfortunately I wasn’t able to do that. The pace felt strong and it felt like we were able to attack and push. Unfortunately, I went a bit too wide, probably about 10 centimeters at the end, and that’s enough to lose all grip that you thought you had and the result is what happened.”

Charles Leclerc gives his reaction

17:38 , Marc Mayo

“Let down are not the words. Sometimes mistakes can happen - but there have been too many mistakes today. In those conditions you rely on what the team can see because you cannot see what the others are doing.”

Max Verstappen stays on top

17:35 , Marc Mayo

Check out the drivers’ championship standings after that race.

How it all ended up

17:28 , Marc Mayo

Note the point for Sebastian Vettel after Esteban Ocon’s time penalty was applied.

What a moment for Sergio Perez

17:24 , Marc Mayo

Time for the champagne!

17:21 , Marc Mayo

Perez gets the biggest dousing with the widest smile in the principality.

17:16 , Marc Mayo

Time for the podium with Prince Albert of Monaco handing over the winners’ trophy before the Mexican national anthem is played out for the first time on this stage.

Red Bull team prinicipal Christian Horner has made his way up to collect the constructors’ prize. You would pick this race, if you were the boss, wouldn’t you?

Race winner Sergio Perez gives his reaction

17:11 , Marc Mayo

“It’s a dream come true. After your home race there is no more special weekend to win. We made it a bit hard for ourselves at the end, with the graining it was not easy.”

Max Verstappen up next

17:09 , Marc Mayo

“I did the best I could after yesterday. As a team we did a really good job with the strategy to get ahead of the Ferraris. We can be very pleased, it was very hectic but we executed it well and I extended my points lead which I didn’t expect last night.”

Carlos Sainz reacts

17:08 , Marc Mayo

“Lapped cars cost me a race win. A clean out lap would have earned me a race win. I think we did the right call for the Hard tyre, it is never easy on the out lap but I had to do two corners behind a lapped car that cost me two seconds and the race win.”

17:04 , Marc Mayo

“No words. Aye, aye, aye. Season is long but we cannot do that,” says Leclerc over team radio.

“I said I will give you lots of champagne today!” beams an ecstatic Perez, who is waving a Mexico flag out of his car.

17:03 , Marc Mayo


17:01 , Marc Mayo

Perez safely navigates the final corners and wins the Monaco Grand Prix!

Sainz and Verstappen complete the podium with Leclerc’s home-race curse continuing in fourth.

Final lap!

17:00 , Marc Mayo

The clock ticks to zero and Perez heads through Sainte Devote for one last time... Can he avoid any errors to win the Monaco Grand Prix?

16:59 , Marc Mayo

Perez crosses the line with a minute to go, meaning there will be two laps to go.

16:55 , Marc Mayo

5 mins to go: Sainz almost goes into Perez’s rear end at the hairpin and has Verstappen on his tail after having to pull out!

The Dutchman cannot make a move of his own though. Will Sainz find a chance for a final big lunge?

16:52 , Marc Mayo

Tsunoda goes in too deep at Sainte Devote to remove that lapping issue for Perez.

Sainz not only has to push the Red Bull in front, he does have one behind and then Leclerc all within a second of one another.

Even Verstappen tells team radio he can see Perez’s tyres are too far gone.

16:50 , Marc Mayo

10 mins to go: Here come the backmarkers which could make things very tasty. Remember, of course, this is Monaco so any overtakes will require a hefty advantage in pace to pull off.

16:48 , Marc Mayo

Right then, let’s have a scrap at the front. After a period of dropping off Perez, Sainz is now within a second of the lead as the Mexican’s tyres begin to grain heavily.

And Leclerc is almost on Verstappen’s tail to... This race is not over yet!

16:46 , Marc Mayo

14 mins to go: Alonso has picked up the pace and does the fastest lap, before Norris pits with a 30-second buffer.

Meanwhile, Albon retires and Zhou very nearly sticks it in the wall attempting an overtake into the Nouvelle Chicane, amazingly holding on to correct a huge skid. “I tried,” he laughs over team radio.

16:41 , Marc Mayo

Sainz goes straight on at Nouvelle Chicane, which Verstappen complains about on team radio. There was no action for Zhou doing likewise earlier and the Dutchman remains over a second behind. Leclerc is 2.1 back in fourth.

16:39 , Marc Mayo

20 mins to go: The entire pack has now caught up with Alonso’s train, from seventh all the way to 18th.

“How far are they ahead?” Hamilton asks team radio. His race engineer wisely sticks to 30 seconds - in reality it’s more like 50.

16:35 , Marc Mayo

16:34 , Marc Mayo

26 mins to go: Alonso now a whopping 23 seconds behind Norris as he willfully backs up Hamilton, perhaps in the hope Ocon can catch up and jump the Mercedes - yet he has a five-second time penalty.

Norris wants to push in his McLaren with no risk behind him, and four seconds off Russell in fifth.

16:30 , Marc Mayo

The stewards have turned on DRS! Sainz is not always within a second of Perez, mind, but at least has Verstappen over a second behind him. Likewise, Leclerc is clocked at 1.3 behind the Dutchman.

Hamilton will certainly have it to try and beat Alonso into Sainte Devote next time around.

16:27 , Marc Mayo

32 mins to go: The official lap counter has been replaced by a clock for the end of the race...

Sainz puts in a fastest lap with the Hard tyre certainly not struggling for pace. The question is, where and how can he manage an overtake?

16:24 , Marc Mayo

Ocon handed a five-second time penalty for causing a collision, namely the contact with Hamilton at Sainte Devote earlier on.

The Frenchman is running ninth and would fall out the points with that.

16:22 , Marc Mayo

For the second time today, Hamilton is hot on the heels of an Alpine with it Alonso this time in front of the Mercedes, battling for seventh place.

Sainz is just over a second off Perez with a similar gap back to Verstappen, will we see DRS enabled to spruce up our overtaking chances?

Red Bull expect 29 more laps of this race, which will at least mean full points.

16:21 , Marc Mayo

BIG lock-up from Perez going into Mirabeau on those shiny new Medium tyres. He turns the corner relatively easily nonetheless but that will be like red meat to Sainz in the Ferrari behind.

Safety car in!

16:20 , Marc Mayo

Lap 33/77: Perez leads the rolling start...

16:17 , Marc Mayo

Sainz (second), Leclerc (fourth), Norris (sixth) and Bottas (tenth) the top-ten runners sticking by the Hards. The long-game may prove the best option yet the early pressure off the start could be a serious worry for them.

Here we go...

16:15 , Marc Mayo

The cars return to track with lapped cars allowed to make their way through.

Brand new Mediums will get them to the end, yet Leclerc is on used Hards. Unusual decision, that.

There is also still the potential for some rain in the coming hour... Only a fool would predict how much!

 (POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
(POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

16:10 , Marc Mayo

The two-hour race clock will restart when the green light goes up and the chances of this race reaching the full 77 laps feels rather low.

That means we could end up dishing out a reduced haul of points - if we fail to make it to 59 laps, or three-quarter distance.

16:08 , Marc Mayo

Restart soon!

16:05 , Marc Mayo

We will have a rolling start at 4.15pm BST.

16:03 , Marc Mayo

That barrier is looking as good as new but no ten-minute warning for the restart just yet.

16:02 , Marc Mayo

Here is that Schumacher shunt

15:57 , Marc Mayo


15:55 , Marc Mayo

The barrier repairs will require the race to be stopped.

 (POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
(POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

15:53 , Marc Mayo

Bad news for Haas as Magnussen had retired only a couple of laps before Schumacher’s crash with a problem.


15:48 , Marc Mayo

Schumacher has crashed at the swimming pool! It looks like a big one.

“I’m okay, I just don’t understand it,” he says before getting out of the car. His entire rear end has been detached.

It’s a safety car as the replays show his Haas spinning out and hitting the barrier before carrying on into the tecpro.

15:48 , Marc Mayo

Lap 27/77: Just over a second separates each of the front four with Russell and Norris putting in very quick times behind them.

“I smell something burning but I don’t know from which car,” says Verstappen in third.

There is still so much of the race to go!

15:46 , Marc Mayo

15:45 , Marc Mayo

So many pit stops in that and Verstappen clearly crossed the pit-lane exit line as he departed... will there be a punishment for that?

Russell is running fifth for Mercedes, ahead of Norris, Alonso, Hamilton and Ocon - all on Hards. Stroll is 10th on Inters.

15:42 , Marc Mayo

Lap 23/77: Red Bull double-stack their drivers and Leclerc is FOURTH!

Perez comes out in front of Sainz, followed by Verstappen and Leclerc... What a turnaround!

15:40 , Marc Mayo

Ocon is holding up Hamilton, still on his original Wet tyres and far slower than the Mercedes. There is a bit of damage on the left-side of the Brit’s front-wing and he calls for an investigation from the stewards - nothing doing on that yet though.

This is great news for Alonso, up the road in sixth as he pits.

And both Ferrari cars come in for Hard tyres! That means Leclerc is BEHIND Sainz and team radio appeared to be telling him to stay out...

15:38 , Marc Mayo

20/77: We have a dry-tyre runner! Schumacher had a moment and asked about front-wing damage as he came in to the pits.

The German departs into 20th place with Hard tyres on, while Albon in the Williams becomes another backmarker to move onto slicks moments later.

15:36 , Marc Mayo

That Perez stop has pushed Ferrari into a conundrum with Sainz who is originally told to pit for Inters, yet pushes back and will stay out. The sun is breaking through in Monaco but will it dry the track quickly?

Hamilton is on Ocon’s tail and makes contact with the Alpine through Sainte Devote - no apparent damage though.

Meanwhile, Leclerc and Verstappen both pit for Inters.

15:32 , Marc Mayo

Lap 17/77: In comes Hamilton from eighth place for Inters, he has a big gap on those behind him and returns to the track ninth.

Next in is Perez for Inters, a move which may be used to try and force Ferrari into action with a split strategy - presuming they hold out Verstappen for dry tyres.

15:29 , Marc Mayo

Gasly is driving a fine race and overtakes Ricciardo at Tabac for 12th, just as Perez tells Red Bull team radio that it is “definitely” time for the Intermediate tyres.

Who will jump first from the frontrunners? Well, Ferrari are going to drop Sainz straight on dry tyres when he pits...

15:27 , Marc Mayo

Lap 13/77: Leclerc has over a five-second lead up front with Sainz 2.1 ahead of Perez and Verstappen 1.5 back from the Mexican.

What will Red Bull do with the Dutchman, could they hand him pit preference to perform an undercut on his teammate - or will Perez get the priority having been ordered to let Verstappen by last week?

15:25 , Marc Mayo

Gasly chases Zhou as his Inters click into place and both happily mop up a place as Albon goes straight on at Sainte Devote, and then Zhou goes across the Nouvelle Chicane and will need to hand over 13th place.

15:22 , Marc Mayo

Lap 10/77: McLaren turn Norris to “plan B” after Russell mounts an attack for fifth place, although he had to carry his Mercedes over the Nouvelle Chicane after arriving too hot out of the tunnel.

15:20 , Marc Mayo

There are not really any big gaps growing across the pack, Norris six seconds down on Verstappen and Hamilton in eighth nine seconds clear of Ocon.

That means the frontrunners pitting will only drop them right amongst the midfield.

“Drying but still a bit tricky on these tyres,” says Verstappen as Red Bull request an update.

15:17 , Marc Mayo

Lap 7/77: Vettel pits after losing a place to Ocon, Tsunoda following him through as the 10th and 11th-placed drivers are the highest yet to pit for Inters.

That crossover period from Wets to Inters is fast approaching - if it hasn’t occurred already.

15:14 , Marc Mayo

A 1:43.218 is the early fastest lap from Leclerc, over half a minute slower than yesterday’s pole time...

It’s all very tentative out there right now with any overtaking surely to be limited to strategy - with Gasly one to watch on the Inters down in 18th and with clear track to make up ground in.

“Definitely slippery but it’s drying pretty quick,” says Hamilton over team radio.

No more rain set to arrive for as much as half an hour.

15:11 , Marc Mayo

Lap 3/77: Latifi and Stroll inches away from a nasty collision in the pit lane! Fortunately they escape as a handful of cars dive in early for Intermediate tyres.

Rolling start!

15:10 , Marc Mayo

The safety car comes in and we get underway for what is effectively a 75-lap race!

A big kickout from Leclerc’s back-end as he puts his foot down but he guides a Ferrari one-two safely through the first turn.

Latifi in the barrier at the hairpin!

15:08 , Marc Mayo

The Williams driver just kept going and says “the car just didn’t turn” as he is able to reverse out.

Stroll has also had contact with the wall, leaving him with a right-rear puncture.

Cars on track!

15:05 , Marc Mayo

The safety car leads the pack out of the pits for what is officially lap 1 of 77.

15:04 , Marc Mayo

Ricciardo told over team radio that more rain is expected with a dead-zone in the radar potentially hiding more showers - with the situation described as “confused”. That’s an understatement!

The official race two-hour clock has also started...

14:59 , Marc Mayo

The drivers are clambering back into their cars, although it is not yet confirmed whether there will be a safety-car start or a few formation laps to clear the water.

Ten-minute warning!

14:55 , Marc Mayo

The race will begin at 3.05pm!


14:53 , Marc Mayo

Weather update

14:50 , Marc Mayo

No real rain falling on the circuit right now but a couple of big clouds are still lurking, with the radar far from clear. Continue the thumb twiddling.

While we wait...

14:44 , Marc Mayo

Why not enjoy Matt Majendie’s interview with Christian Horner ahead of the weekend?

“A swear jar sits in one corner of the house that Red Bull team principal Christian Horner shares with his wife, the former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.

“On the evidence of Horner’s colourful language in the most recent series of Drive to Survive, it must be getting close to untold riches within. But even amid his costly pastime with the day job, Horner insists he is not even its greatest payer.”

Read the full story.

14:40 , Marc Mayo

And it’s back to raining heavily.

F1 has a decision to make here, wait this out with the educated guess that it will leave us by, say, the top of the hour. How many viewers are still with us by then, well...

Or, just get on with it safe in the knowledge the rain will eventually move on. Think we all know they won’t do that, though.

The rain is lightening up but no word yet on a new start time

14:34 , Marc Mayo

14:28 , Marc Mayo

14:25 , Marc Mayo

Rain is still only expected at this intensity for the next few minutes, so hopefully we will get racing before too long.

“I think I’ve never got this wet in a Formula One car...” Mick Schumacher laughs over team radio.

14:24 , Marc Mayo


14:20 , Marc Mayo

The rain is REALLY heavy right now.

The pack is pulled into the pits with a now indefinite delay to the race actually starting.

14:19 , Marc Mayo

“Heavy rain now and a lot of water generally,” says weatherman Vettel over team radio.

“Wetter than I thought it would be,” adds Ricciardo.

There is a lot of spray coming off the back of each car down the straights.

Formation lap begins!

14:16 , Marc Mayo

Right then, behind the safety car and with full Wet tyres on we are set for at least a couple of runs around the circuit to clear this rainwater.

Lewis Hamilton over team radio

14:14 , Marc Mayo

“Everyone takes some deep breaths, just cool down.”

14:12 , Marc Mayo

Martin Brundle on Sky Sports points out that Monaco has the tunnel - which will be dry and become a huge challenge for the drivers on wet tyres.

After that, if the rest of the track dries out then it will take longer to rid the tunnel’s tarmac of that moisture.

14:08 , Marc Mayo

Ferrari tell Leclerc over team radio to expect this downpour to last for ten minutes before the rain lightens for a few minutes.

Fresh start time

14:07 , Marc Mayo

A 2.16pm BST start time has been announced.

The worry is that the longer we wait, the more rain will fall, and the bigger problem it is!

14:05 , Marc Mayo

“What are we waiting for? Dry or..?” Max Verstappen asks over team radio with the start now officially just “delayed”.

The safety car formation lap means cars must start on the Wet tyres. It’s certainly raining but it’s hardly a monsoon.

14:03 , Marc Mayo

The formation lap will start behind the safety car. Will we still have a standing start to the race itself?

Start procedure suspended!

13:59 , Marc Mayo

The downpour appears to have eased but more heavy rain is coming in the next couple of minutes.

The formation lap will now begin at 2.09pm BST.

Weather update...

13:55 , Marc Mayo

Qualifying recap

13:54 , Marc Mayo

Charles Leclerc took pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix with Max Verstappen languishing in fourth place after a chaotic end to qualifying on Saturday.

Read the full story.

Max Verstappen previews the race

13:50 , Marc Mayo

“We need a bit of luck with the strategy or the safety car because you can’t pass around here, [overtaking places] do not exist in these cars.”

Tyre strategy - for the dry...

13:47 , Marc Mayo

Drops are falling on the track but nothing substantial yet...

The national anthem begins...

13:44 , Marc Mayo

We are only 15 minutes away from the race!

Celeb watch!

13:43 , Marc Mayo

Weekend preview

13:38 , Marc Mayo

“Monaco tests a driver like no other track, even the most accomplished just a fraction away from a nasty prang at the most unforgiving of circuits. It is the great unknown on the calendar, a facet which has been ramped up in 2022. Teams are still getting to grips with the new regulations — and the cars they have created within those rules — and all arrived in the principality with an air of uncertainty: how best to set up their car; and quite how it will fare on the particular nuances of the tight, twisty street circuit.”

Read the full story from Matt Majendie.

On Saturday... one pigeon fell victim to Sergio Perez

13:34 , Marc Mayo

Conor McGregor makes his allegiance known

13:31 , Marc Mayo

“I'm here for Team Haas and I'm more confident after today's qualifying round. Our cars are exceptional, there was a crash that damaged two top team's cars and I think there's something special brewing and it's for Haas, I'm rooting for Haas," the UFC superstar told Sky Sports on Saturday.

“[Mick Schumacher] is racing royalty, I feel like it's written, I can feel it in the air for the boys. I'm rooting for them and I wish them all the best.”

Celeb watch!

13:27 , Marc Mayo

Heidi Klum catches up with Flavio Briatore on the grid.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

The award for best Monaco artwork goes to...

13:23 , Marc Mayo

The pit lane is open!

13:20 , Marc Mayo

The drivers get into their cars for the first time today with a run around the circuit before setting up on the grid.

A look towards the skies...

13:17 , Marc Mayo

Celeb watch!

13:15 , Marc Mayo

Plenty of famous faces turning out for today’s race and here are Game of Thrones power couple Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie chatting to Max Verstappen.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Felipe Drugovich extends Formula 2 title lead with feature race win

13:10 , Marc Mayo

Toto Wolff on budget cap issues

13:07 , Marc Mayo

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said he wants to cut from three to two the number of non-factory teams that race with its engines.

Wolff told the Financial Times in an interview published at the weekend that new spending rules meant Mercedes was no longer making “substantial amounts” from providing engines to others.

The Austrian said the business of leasing engines was not “compelling and interesting” because the governing FIA had limited how much customers could be charged in order to help smaller teams.

The German manufacturer supplies McLaren, Aston Martin and Williams as well as the title-winning works outfit of seven-times world champion Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

F1 teams are subject to a 140-million US dollar cost cap this season, which the bigger ones want expanded due to rising freight costs and inflation.

“In an ideal world, I would maybe see [Mercedes] plus two [customer teams], so actually downsize a bit,” said Wolff.

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