Extraction 3 gets promising update from Netflix

chris hemsworth, extraction 2
Extraction 3 gets promising update from Netflix2023 © Netflix

Extraction 3 has received a promising update from Netflix's Head of Film Scott Stuber.

Earlier this year, Extraction 2 star Chris Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave took to the stage at Netflix's TUDUM: A Global Fan Event to announce that a third instalment of the hugely successful film series was in the works.

Speaking to Collider, Netflix's Stuber gave fans of the franchise an exciting update about the status of its highly anticipated threequel saying they're "working hard" to bring Hemsworth's Tyler Rake back for a third outing.

chris hemsworth, extraction 2

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"You know, you've got to find the right thing," Stuber told Collider. "I think the second one was so good because it was emotional and complex. It kind of reminds me of when I worked on the Bourne movies. Tony Gilroy did such a good job on the second one of making it emotional and making that kind of activate around Franka [Potente’s] death.

Extraction 2 introduced a new player to the franchise in the form of Idris Elba's character, known as the Man in the Suit. Opening up about Elba's involvement in the franchise, Stuber seemingly hinted at more to come from Elba's character.

chris hemsworth, extraction 2

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"So, this one had the same kind of familial background around Chris [Hemsworth’s] motivation. Getting Idris [Elba] into the franchise was an interesting way to kind of evolve it," Stuber said of Elba.

"So we're waiting on the script and working hard, but aspiration would be great to get it back. I mean, what those guys have done has been really great in that franchise," he concluded.

Previously discussing Elba's involvement, Extraction 2 producer Anthony Russo teased fans about a spin-off project featuring his character, saying: "So I just know when I watched him in this film, I feel like 'Oh, geez, there's more fun to be had with him!"

Extraction 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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