Exploring a New Vision of Design: WWD China Joins Hands for Shanghai Gala

Shanghai, China’s fashion epicenter, known for its blend of tradition and innovation, and one of the most thriving fashion markets with an expected trillion-yuan-level fashion consumption market by 2025, is set to host the highly anticipated exhibition and red carpet gala “New Vision of Design” during this year’s World Design Cities Conference on September 28.

Supported by UNESCO and the National Commission of the People’s Republic of China for UNESCO and organized by the the Shanghai Municipal Government, WDCC is set to be a major boost to the design and fashion industry.

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The World Design Cities Conference (WDCC) 2023 edition will cover 100 city-wide activities revolving around its global theme “New Vision of Design” with the “Shanghai Gala” red carpet event and exhibition to be one of the highlights of this year’s WDCC and the global fashion calendar.

Co-organized by WWD China, this prestigious event promises to offer a unique convergence of fashion design from the East and West. The Shanghai Gala and fashion exhibition aim to showcase the pinnacle of fashion design, bringing together the best talents from both sides of the globe. As attendees embark on this immersive journey, they will witness the harmonious interplay of diverse cultural aesthetics, as well as the cutting-edge innovations that shape the future of the fashion industry.

The World Design Cities Conference

The World Design Cities Conference is a global platform that celebrates the transformative power of design in shaping our environment. As an influential gathering of the world’s leading designers, architects, urban planners, and creative minds, the conference fosters dialogue and exchange of ideas on how design can improve the quality of life. With Shanghai being designated as the host city for this year’s edition, the event promises to be an exceptional opportunity to explore the city’s dynamic design scene.

The Exhibition: A Fusion of Eastern and Western Fashion

At the core of the World Design Cities Conference lies the highly anticipated exhibition, “New Vision of Design,” which captures the essence of the convergence between the East and the West in the realm of fashion. This carefully curated showcase aims to challenge conventional boundaries and present a diverse range of styles, techniques, and cultural influences.

The exhibition will feature a captivating collection of designs from both established and emerging fashion designers, representing the best of the East and the West. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation, resulting in breathtaking garments that push the boundaries of creativity. From the intricate embroidery of Chinese silk to the bold experimentation of Western avant-garde fashion, the exhibition will celebrate the rich tapestry of global design. The exhibition also offers a unique opportunity for international fashion brands and designers to connect with the Chinese public and offer a unique engagement point with the Shanghai design-savvy costumer. Opening on September 28, the exhibition will be open to the public until October 5th during China’s Golden Week national holidays and expects tens of thousands visitors.

The “Shanghai Gala”, red carpet gala opening event promises to be a dazzling affair. Taking place on 28 September at Shanghai’s South Bund it promises to be an evening of glamour, style, sophistication, and will be attended A-list celebrities, fashion industry professionals, influencers and representatives of the local government as well as the diplomatic corps. The fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics will be evident in every detail, from the set design to the music and lighting, creating an immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression on attendees.

The World Design Cities Conference and its accompanying exhibition hold significant implications for the fashion industry and the broader design community. By bringing together designers from different cultural backgrounds, the event serves as a catalyst for cross-cultural exchange and collaboration. This exchange of ideas can lead to fresh perspectives, innovative design solutions, and the creation of new markets.

By organizing the WDCC and the Shanghai Gala and fashion exhibition, Shanghai, with a GDP of more than five trillion RMB (694.4 billion USD), is making a strong commitment to continue to be one of the most exciting stages for the international fashion brands and designers, a stage where ideas are exchanged, and new business opportunities are crated.

As the leading voice of authority for the fashion industry in China, WWD China has been playing a crucial role to foster exchange and cooperation within the fashion and design industry since its launch in 2019. From supporting international designers and brands to enter and strengthen their presence in the Chinese market to providing crucial support to the local industry to develop their international expansion, WWD China has through a series of initiatives shown its strong commitment to act as a facilitator of international exchange and cooperation within the fashion industry.  This year, WWD China is honored to have been invited to co-organize the “Shanghai Gala” and fashion exhibition, a milestone in its five years history in China.

The World Design Cities Conference in Shanghai, with its “New Vision of Design” exhibition and “Shanghai Gala” red carpet opening event, is poised to be a momentous occasion that celebrates the fusion of Eastern and Western fashion influences. As attendees immerse themselves in this vibrant showcase, they will witness the power of design to transcend borders and create a harmonious amalgamation of diverse artistic expressions.

By bridging the gap between cultures and fostering collaboration, the Shanghai Gala and fashion exhibition pave the way for a new era of design innovation, cross-cultural exchange and a unique opportunity for international designers and brands to strengthen their foothold in one of the most exciting markets of the world. The legacy of this event, which, after its launch this year will be held annually, extends beyond the grandeur of the exhibition and red carpet affair, as it inspires designers, industry professionals, and aspiring creatives to push the boundaries of fashion design and embrace the global tapestry of influences.

As the World Design Cities Conference unfolds in Shanghai on September 28, the world will turn its gaze to this remarkable event that symbolizes the transformative nature of design. It is an affirmation of the power of creativity to shape the future, and an invitation for all to embrace the boundless possibilities that emerge when the East and West unite in a shared vision of design excellence.

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