Experts ranked the most beautiful states in the U.S. Here’s where Florida ended up

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With its concrete jungles, ongoing construction, packed highways and deteriorating condos desperately reaching skyward away from the floodwaters, Florida is truly one of the most beautiful states in the country.

At least, it is according to photography and printing experts Printique, which ranked the states in order of beauty and decided that Florida is the third most beautiful state in the land. Not too shabby for what is essentially an overflowing, frequently toxic swamp filling rapidly with New Yorkers.

Did these experts visit the scenic Florida Keys? The gatortastic Everglades? The west coast with its jaw dropping sunsets and annoying, championship-winning sports teams?

No. The experts scored states by counting the number of registered historic places, national parks, national historic landmarks, Instagram hashtags, and the number of Google searches its most popular location receives. So it’s legit: Everyone knows, Instagram hashtags tell all.

The most beautiful state is Rhode Island, apparently. We know, we know. We were a little puzzled ourselves. But the photographers and printers applaud the fact that the country’s smallest state has the largest number of historic places, national parks and national landmarks registered for its size. There are approximately four registered historic places for every 10 square miles — the highest ratio on the list. Take that, Arizona, with your otherworldly landscapes and super big, photogenic canyon.

No. 2 was Massachusetts. The rest of the top 10: New York, California, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Tennessee and Hawaii. We are not sure how anyone in their right mind thinks New Jersey is more beautiful than Hawaii, but then we make no claim to be experts.

The least picturesque state, Printique says, is North Dakota. Since no one has ever actually been there, we can’t corroborate this. But we do know that listing Wyoming at No. 49 is a bit dubious, as Yellowstone National Park and the Beartooth Highway are things that exist. Then again, there’s probably just not enough concrete.