New exhibit explores humanity and the environment

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Her paintings may be described as a little surreal, a little abstract, and maybe of a few other genres as well, but you can’t really place her in a category.

Artist Amy Shackleton’s work are now on exhibit at the Museum of Dufferin’s Silo Gallery.

Inspired by her travels, Amy’s work explores the conflicting relationships between humanity and the environment.

Her works blends skyscrapers and cities with nature to depict an uncertain future – whether it be utopian or apocalyptic.

With extreme weather events becoming more frequent, Amy explores the present-day effects of climate change across the county. he has unique way of creating her canvases. Instead of the traditional brushes, Amy uses squeeze bottles and gravity as her primary tools to create her work.

The liquid paint is dripped, poured, and layers as the canvas is rotated.

The architectural aspects of her work are calculated and controlled while natural elements are created by the spontaneous dripping of the paint.

Amy’s work has been seen and exhibited at galleries and exhibitions across the province.

Her inventive painting process has engaged over 15 million viewers online.

The exhibit will open on October 21, and will be on display in the Silo Gallery through to December 18, 2021.

Brian Lockhart, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, New Tecumseth Times

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