EXCLUSIVE: Gucci Releases Sabato De Sarno Documentary

MEET SABATO: To properly introduce Gucci‘s creative director Sabato De Sarno to the world, the Kering-owned Florentine fashion house has released a short documentary about the designer.

Titled “Who Is Sabato De Sarno? A Gucci Story,” the 20-minute documentary was directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, New York-based filmmakers best known for their breakout documentary “Catfish,” an indie favorite, alongside two “Paranormal Activity” sequels.

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Paul Mescal, an Irish actor and Gucci brand ambassador, narrated the documentary.

Full of funny yet moving, moments, the film details the hectic five days leading up to De Sarno’s runway debut while weaving together interviews with his closest creative collaborators, including music producer Mark Ronson and stylist Alastair Mckimm. De Sarno’s parents, his husband Daniele Calisti and his puppy Luce also made cameos in the documentary. The film culminated in De Sarno’s runway show, which was dubbed as “the 18 minutes to change Sabato’s life,” as Mescal narrated in the documentary.

“The film was supposed to be five minutes long but it ended up being 20 minutes because we captured so much great material,” said Schulman and Joost. “We are so grateful that he trusted us to tell his [Sabato De Sarno’s] story.”

The documentary, which was first unveiled to a group of fashion students during a special screening in Shanghai on Tuesday, will premiere on Mubi on Friday.

The film will be an essential part of the Gucci Ancora campaign, which began rolling out this week as a series of activations worldwide, including a district-wide street takeover in Shanghai. Screenings of the film in major cities will follow to help guests and VIPs better understand De Sarno’s vision at Gucci.

An Apple Vision Pro version of the documentary will be available from April 3, a first for a fashion and luxury brand. Available on the App Store, the enhanced edition of the film will provide a more immersive entertainment experience for the viewer.

In partnership with Air France, the documentary will also be available on all flights throughout the month of April.

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