Exclusive: Drag Race UK stars share season 5 winner predictions

ginger johnson, michael marouli, tomara thomas, drag race uk
Drag Race UK stars predict season 5 winnerBBC

Drag Race UK season five is soon set to draw to a close as RuPaul crowns a new winner in the grand finale.

Michael Marouli, Tomara Thomas, and Ginger Johnson are set to go head-to-head in the final episode (airing on BBC iPlayer and BBC Three from 9pm on November 30) as they compete to become the UK’s next Drag Race Superstar.

However, only one can take the crown and former Drag Race stars Charity Kase, Anubis, and Cheddar Gorgeous have all shared their predictions ahead of the crowning.

ginger johnson, michael marouli, tomara thomas, rupaul's drag race uk, season 5
Guy Levy - BBC

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Chatting exclusively with Digital Spy, the queens revealed they’ve been keeping a close eye on the competition and are in agreement on who they think will take the win.

"I think Ru might win this year. Fingers crossed!" Anubis joked, before revealing her predicted winner is Ginger Johnson.

"For me, I must say, I’m absolutely loving Ginger Johnson," she enthused. "I think she is insanely talented."

Anubis went on to explain how she and Charity recently bumped into the season 5 finalist and were instantly impressed, with Charity adding: "Yeah, she’s lovely."

"She bought us a shot," Anubis revealed. "First time meeting her. She’s really lovely, really good energy. 'Do you want a shot, Honey? Come over here, let’s have a good time.' I really love her. So, I’m going to say Ginger to win!"

ginger johnson, rupaul's drag race uk series 5
BBC/World Of Wonder/Guy Levy/Matt Burlem

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Season four finalist Cheddar Gorgeous also picked Ginger as their winner, describing her as a "comedy and theatrical genius".

"It’s tough but if you were gonna force me to make a call I’d probably say that Ginger has got it," Cheddar said. "Just because I feel like we haven’t really seen somebody like her on the show yet, or somebody in the top like her. I think she’s got a really good chance."

However, Cheddar made it clear she’s been impressed with all of the finalists this year, saying: "They’re all very strong in remarkably different ways".

They praised Tomara Thomas for her "unintentionally funny" nature and described Michael Marouli as a "seasoned performer".

michael marouli, rupaul's drag race uk series 5
BBC/World Of Wonder/Guy Levy/Matt Burlem

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Charity and Anubis also revealed that there are several queens who missed out on the final that caught their eyes throughout the competition.

"I love Banksie. I think Banksy is iconic," Charity exclaimed. "Cara Melle is also an icon of the scene."

"I love Kate Butch, but she’s gone hasn’t she?" Anubis remarked. "What an insanely talented comic. That girl is so funny. I think she’s got an insanely big career ahead of her too."

tomara thomas, rupaul's drag race uk series 5
BBC/World Of Wonder/Guy Levy/Matt Burlem

The queens also revealed they’ve been big supporters of De De Licious, with Anubis saying: "It’s been lovely to watch her grow and I’m just so proud of her and everything she’s achieved."

Fans of Charity and Anubis can soon catch them on the road as the drag duo are touring the UK with a brand-new show called The Nightmares Before Christmas.

Teasing what fans can expect from the tour, Anubis promised each performance will be "chaotic and campy".

Tickets for The Nightmares Before Christmas tour are available now.

Cheddar Gorgeous' range of merchandise and Christmas gifts is available here.

RuPaul's Drag Race UK airs on BBC Three in the UK and streams on WOW Presents Plus in the US.

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