Excited dog wins ‘bark-cuterie’ prize for being ‘very good boy’

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A dog recently celebrated his big win as “Dog of the Month” with a special “bark-cuterie” board.

Who doesn’t love a spread? Humans enjoy assorted cheeses, meats and crackers on their charcuteries, but a dog’s palate has different needs. TikToker Micaela Piccolo’s dog Gemini, a Labrador-Samoyed mix, was awarded “Dog of the Month” in her building. Gemini ended up nabbing the prize of a “bark-cuterie” from Bone Apétreat, a dog food truck. And the small feast was nothing short of decadent.

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“Gemmy is the Quincy building’s ‘Dog of the Month,’ which means he gets a bark-cuterie board … and his photo will be proudly displayed in the elevator for the next month,” Piccolo’s significant other explained.

The dog sat patiently, wagging his tail in excitement as he absorbed the big news. The bark-cuterie was set on the table, and Gemini was eager to dig in.

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In a follow-up, Piccolo shared how much Gemini loved his treats. The bark-cuterie contained two wild boar sliders, two peanut butter cups, three Cheesy Bones, two peanut butter cannolis, two doggy bagels, beef jerky and a bison stick.

“He knows — you can’t convince me he doesn’t 100% understand what’s going on,” a user commented.

“That’s the proudest boy I ever did see,” another said.

“Even though I can tell he is a Very Good Boy, the voting process has to be incredibly difficult,” someone wrote.

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