Ex-Soviet weapons lab revamps testing facility -report

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(Reuters) - A major weapons lab in Russia has revamped its testing facility after it was mothballed following the fall of the Soviet Union, state news agency TASS reported on Wednesday, citing the company's press service.

TsNIITochMash, which conducts research and designs arms including anti-tank missiles and rifles for Russia's military, told TASS the revamped lab would be able to test ballistic weapons and small-calibre artillery in extreme cold temperatures.

Russia has been keen to emphasise its weaponry capabilities since it invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, with President Vladimir Putin insisting Russian military technology is "years" ahead of its rivals.

In a speech opening an arms show on Monday, Putin said Russia was ready to sell advanced weapons to its allies and cooperate with others in developing military technology.

Russia ranks second only to the United States in arms sales, selling around $15 billion a year - nearly a fifth of the global export market.

(Reporting by Reuters)