Ex-Bush Strategist Predicts Exactly When Donald Trump Will Be Convicted

Matthew Dowd, a Republican strategist for George W. Bush’s 2004 presidential campaign, on Tuesday predicted when former President Donald Trump will be convicted.

In talking to MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Dowd said he envisioned Trump ― who faces 91 charges across four criminal cases ― winning the GOP primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina “and he’ll basically all but be the nominee.”

That is when, Dowd suggested, Republican 2024 front-runner Trump will be convicted — just before the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in July 2024.

“So he’ll be the nominee, but be a convicted nominee in the midst of this, and then we’ll be headed to a general election with the nominee of a major political party convicted, at least in one court, if not in two different courts, in this time,” Dowd explained.

“A convicted felon running for president under the Republican Party,” added Dowd. “We have never in my life have ever seen a calendar that will unfold in that manner. But it also is going to be so weird while this is going on, Republican voters voting for him to be the nominee of the party as he’s convicted.”