Ryan Lee was forced to resign as Boise police chief. Will he lead an Ohio city’s force?

Former Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee is one of nearly 30 applicants vying to be the next police chief in Toledo, Ohio, according to WTOL11, a local TV station.

Lee was asked by Boise Mayor Lauren McLean to resign in September after multiple complaints against Lee were publicized. He joined the Boise police in 2020 after an over 20-year career with Portland police, where he worked up the ranks and became an assistant chief.

The Toledo Police Department is looking for a new leader after the retirement of its longtime chief, George Kral, WTOL11 reported. Lee is one of 22 outside candidates, along with five internal candidates, including the department’s current interim chief.

McLean, following Lee’s resignation, told the Idaho Statesman that the “unprecedented step” of the publishing complaints and management concerns prompted Lee’s resignation.

The city gave Lee a nine-month severance package after he resigned, which included nine months of pay, or, $147,264, plus health insurance, the Statesman previously reported.