Ex-Big Bang Member Seungri's Prison Sentence Halved

·1 min read

After admitting to crimes including prostitution and embezzlement, former Big Bang member Seungri has had his prison sentence shortened to 18 months. The now-retired musician was initially sentenced to three years along with a ₩1.15 billion KRW (approximately $990,000 USD) fine, after being involved in one of the biggest sex scandals (commonly referred to as the Burning Sun scandal) in the K-pop industry.

The High Military Court of the Ministry Of Defense in Seoul held the final trial for the retired artist on January 27, as reported by No Cut News. Having served around five months of the original sentence, Seungri expressed remorse for his actions, which led to a shorter sentence. During his previous hearing in August 2021, Seungri received nine separate charges, involving gambling, the purchase of prostitution services, prostitution mediation and more.

With the shortened prison sentence, Seungri has roughly one year and a month of jail time left.

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