Evil's Kristen Is Having a Baby With [Spoiler]?! Show Bosses Detail the Finale's Wicked Good News

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Evil‘s Season 3 finale. 

Uh… congratulations?

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At the end of Evil‘s Season 3 finale, Kristen uses new intel to track her missing egg to a mysterious address… and winds up at DF Global Solutions. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the company whose stock caused people to be pursued by a shadowy, malevolent form in the previous episode. And — surprise! — it’s also the crypto-currency business/Internet troll farm that employs Leland and Sheryl.

Kristen’s shock at learning that her mother works for the firm that’s somehow involved in stealing Kristen’s ovum is topped only by the workplace celebration she witnesses during her visit: a baby shower for a very pregnant woman… whose partner appears to be Leland Townsend.

As he remarks that he’s “happy to finally have a child so late in life,” Leland locks eyes with a horrified Kristen, who’s watching from several feet away. And though he refers to the expectant woman standing next to him, it’s clear to whom he’s talking when he beams and says: “We’re gonna be parents.”

Series co-creator/executive producer Robert King tells TVLine that the idea of Leland bringing Kristen’s baby into the world solidified for him, co-creator/executive producer Michelle King and the writers’ room mid-season — and that DF’s rank-and-file employees will be oblivious to the fetus’ dicey prospects.

“Sheryl and our friend Leland are the only ones who see past present-day reality to what’s beyond,” Robert King says. And while the Kings aren’t saying whether that “beyond” includes the horrifying, demonic baby that showed up in Kristen’s Episode 9 dream and Andy’s finale vision, Robert King offers this:

“The show is best when it plays a psychological reality and the supernatural reality, and I think they’re almost flips of the same coin, you know? So, on one hand, the psychological reality of this perversion of having Leland’s sperm and Kristen’s egg is psychologically that awful. But also if you were to see it in a supernatural way, that [demon baby] would be what you would see.”


Elsewhere in the finale, aka “The Demon of the End”:

* A devastated Father Ignatius mourned the monsignor and decided to work with David, Kristen and Ben to mitigate his grief.

* Edward — who was actually Leland, via the deep-fake program and a video call — informed Kristen that Andy had gone missing in a major avalanche and was presumed dead. While Kristen sobbed, her daughters rallied and started poking Leland via Bumblebee Valley. When they heard the game’s notifications through Edward’s call, they immediately knew that Leland was behind the faux bad news, and told their mom as much.

* Kristen begged God to let Andy be alive, and bargained that she would take the girls to Mass every week if He brought her husband home safely. But when Andy did show up, a little woozy but definitely alive, she reconsidered her promise. David advised her to be open to acknowledging divine intervention in her life.

* David had a vision of the angel he saw earlier in the season, and she told him the cryptic, “38 days, woe to Babylon.”


* Sister Andrea determined that multiple demons have infested Kristen’s home. She killed a few with a shovel (ha!) but told David the place needs a thorough exorcism. Later, a dazed Andy dreamed/had a vision of all of the demons gathering around the demon baby Kristen nursed in Episode 9, and Dr. Fuller was with them. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” the shrink asked.

* After David accidentally thought that the real Kristen was Demon Kristen — in his defense, she was waiting for him one night in his room — he decided to encircle his bed with a mosquito net that Sister Andrea gave him, which seemed to keep the demon at bay.

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