Everyone's Doing a Silk Press Right Now — So Make Sure You've Got This Serum on Deck

'Tis the season.

<p>Sephora/ InStyle</p>

Sephora/ InStyle

As much as I love spring and summer, the humidity that comes along with those months sometimes sucks.

It's great if I'm wearing my hair curly as my hair gets bigger by the day and I love big hair. But when I'm in the mood to wear a sleek, straight style, it all very quickly goes to hell the moment I step outside.

Anyway, with dreaded cold weather already here and more on the way, I'm choosing to focus on the silver lining: humidity-free days. And my hair has been looking fabulous as a result.


Whether I'm blowing out my hair at home or going to the salon, Mizani's Press Agent Thermal Smoothing Raincoat Styling Serum is one product I'm either going to request or make sure I have on deck.

A blend of agave extract, Argan oil, and a UV filter help prevent dryness, frizz, and damage (including those from UV rays) while also serving as a heat protection for up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

To use, I part my hair into four sections after washing, conditioning, and detangling, then apply two pumps to each quadrant. The weightless formula leaves my hair feeling soft, smooth, and nourished before and after it's been blown out. This is a blessing because, trust me, there is absolutely nothing worse than going through that whole process and being left with weighed-down, clammy, sticky hair. As if that weren't enough, the product also smells really sexy.



To shop: $24; sephora.com

I have been using Mizani since they had the OG all-brown packaging, and it's nice that as my hair journey has evolved so has the brand's product assortment. No matter how much the collection has expanded, its efficacy stays the same.

Mizani is a line I trust and stand behind, so it was a no-brainer to include this product into my blow-out routine, and I hope you will, too.

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