Everson Griffen gets a sack, celebrates by crowdsourcing his new baby's name

Sometimes we get stuck on a new baby’s name. It happens. What most of us won’t do is get a sack in an NFL game, then display a T-shirt asking what to name the baby.

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen had a unique way of figuring out what to name his new baby boy. Before the game he scrawled a message on a T-shirt, “I️ just had a baby boy what should we name him?” Then he sacked Detroit’s Matthew Stafford and pulled up his jersey to display the message.

What happens if Griffen didn’t get a sack against the Lions? Would Baby Griffen just go without a name until he did? So many questions.

Everson Griffen had a message ready for when he got a sack, asking what to name his new baby boy. (Fox screen shot)

Hopefully Griffen gets a good idea for the name. He and his wife Tiffany have two young sons, Greyson and Ellis. We’ll see what the third child’s name will be.

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