Evergy to take control of some thermostats as Kansas City faces first wave of heat

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Evergy alerted customers that it would likely activate its Energy Savings Events program on Thursday, which allows it to turn up thermostats of those who have granted the utility permission to do so.

The announcement on Wednesday comes as the Kansas City area and other locations in Kansas and Missouri are experiencing their first wave of excessive summer heat.

Evergy said that by raising the thermostats, it will help reduce energy demand on the system during peak hours as the metro experiences extreme heat. Customers who have enrolled in Evergy’s Residential Thermostat programs can opt out or adjust their thermostats if it gets too warm.

Evergy also announced that it is ready to meet energy demands as air conditioners whir to life, as many of the communities it serves anticipate temperatures in the triple digits.

“Our system is ready for summer’s 100-degree days and to provide reliable electricity as customers aim to stay comfortable,” said Chuck Caisley, senior vice president and chief customer officer, in a news release. “We appreciate the Evergy plant and field employees who work in harsh conditions to make sure our customers have the power they need.”

Evergy said maintenance work at power generating facilities was completed this spring to prepare for the summer season and they are available near full capacity to ensure needs are met. Improved wind conditions as the week continues will also add to the available power supply for customers.

Continued investment in its power grid modernization and a predictive maintenance program will keep power reliable on hot days. Rebuilt lines carry power more efficiently and include equipment that can alert the utility to potential problems before an outage occurs, it said.

If an outage occurs, the lines can make locating it easier and faster, shortening the time it takes to get power restored, Evergy said.

Evergy is a member of the Southwest Power Pool, which coordinates power generation and transmission in the region. Southwest Power Pool forecasts indicate that generation resources will be able to meet customer needs.

Although Southwest Power Pool issued a resource alert last week saying that regional electricity load could reach as high as 96% of its all-time regional peak this week, it announced Tuesday that it is in a position to serve the regional load with room for contingencies. No calls for customer conservation have been needed, Evergy said in its press release.

In addition to the thermostat programs, energy efficiency programs available to Missouri residential customers include rebates on HVAC systems, insulation and air sealing rebates, and discounts on energy efficient LED lighting. Program details are available at https://www.evergy.com/ways-to-save/discounts.

Energy saving tips for can be found on the Evergy’s website at https://www.evergy.com/ways-to-save/resources/energy-tips/interactive-home-tips.

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