Eventive Announces Advanced Anti-piracy Technology for Virtual Cinema

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Power to the Filmmakers.
Not to the Pirates.

Eventive, the leading platform for virtual cinema, hosting over 35,000 films for more than 700 festivals and year-round exhibitors in 2020, announced today that starting February 1, 2021, every stream on the platform will be secured with a NAGRA NexGuard forensic watermark. By using this invisible mark to identify each individual user and session, Eventive will be able to track any unauthorized use and trace it right back to the source.

Forensic watermarking is the most advanced form of content protection available and was previously only available at significant expense to a limited number of films. Eventive Advanced Antipiracy brings this level of security to everyone, at no additional cost.

In 2020, the independent film exhibition landscape shifted entirely to virtual cinema screenings, allowing viewers to enjoy these films at home - however, the threat of piracy also increased dramatically. As pirates continue to improve their techniques, artists need the tools to protect their work, and Eventive’s latest advancement - along with existing multi-DRM, enhanced bitstream, burn-in, and overlay watermarking - grants filmmakers, distributors, exhibitors and film festivals the assurance that content is being streamed safely.

"Eventive Advanced Antipiracy moves content security to an entirely new level," said Carly-Rose Moser, Director of Production & Operations at the American Film Institute. She added, "It’s going to help all filmmakers and distributors feel more comfortable showing their work virtually."

Iddo Patt, Eventive Co-founder and CEO, also added, "Our primary goal with Eventive Virtual has always been to create a sustainable virtual exhibition ecosystem that preserves premium and theatrical release windows, to support all filmmakers and new voices in reaching ever wider audiences while protecting their creative rights. We are delighted to be able to offer this level of security to all filmmakers."

Learn more about the Eventive Advanced Antipiracy suite of features at AdvancedAntipiracy.org.


In 2020, Eventive emerged as the leading platform for virtual cinema screenings, hosting over 700 festivals and year round exhibitors including AFI, Mountainfilm, Austin Film Festival and working with distributors including A24, Magnolia, Greenwich, and independent filmmakers to release and promote films such as JOHN LEWIS: GOOD TROUBLE, Mr. SOUL!, JIMMY CARTER: ROCK’N’ROLL PRESIDENT, FIRST COW, BOYS STATE, and MINARI.

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