Even Ralph Macchio knows nothing about the new Karate Kid movie

If you're looking for details about Sony's recently announced new Karate Kid movie, well, so is the original Karate Kid.

"I know no other information," Karate Kid and Cobra Kai star Ralph Macchio tells EW. "It's too early to tell what that story is [with the movie]. This is all, like, happening in real time as you're asking me this question."

Though Sony announced a release date for the new movie — June 7, 2024 — it did not reveal any specifics about cast or director. Macchio says he had heard rumblings of some kind of new project before Sony broke the news, but as of right now, no one has contacted him about getting involved in the project. "I think that [will be figured out] in the near future, or I may have nothing to do with it," he says with a laugh. "We'll talk when I know what's going on."

Jon Hurwitz, who created Cobra Kai with Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald, recently told a fan on Twitter that the cast and creative team from the Netflix series are not a part of Sony's Karate Kid film.

Netflix has yet to pick Cobra Kai up for a sixth season, but given the show's success, a renewal seems likely. "We're feeling pretty confident," says Macchio, whose memoir, Waxing On, hits stores October 18. "People seem to love the show and it doesn't seem like it's slowing down. II think we'll have the opportunity to let the stories evolve."

With Hurwitz, Schlossberg, and Heald working on several other projects (including a spin-off of Ferris Bueller), it could result in a longer wait between season for Cobra Kai. "Hopefully, it's not too long for the fans," says Macchio, joking, "None of us guys are getting younger."

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