Euphoria releases new, Rue-focused special trailer

Rachel Brodsky
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Euphoria drops a new teaser trailer (HBO)
Euphoria drops a new teaser trailer (HBO)

Euphoria has released a brand-new teaser trailer, giving viewers a peek at what happened to main character Rue (Zendaya) after leaving Jules (Hunter Schafer) at the train station at the end of season one.

Running just 50 seconds, the brief clip hones in on Rue, who is deeply upset at parting ways with Jules, with whom she shared a close, at times romantic, connection.

“Maybe I deserve it,” she laments in a voiceover. "Why did you call me?", interrupts her sobriety mentor Ali (Colman Domingo), sitting across from her at a table.

Series creator Sam Levinson wrote and directed the first installment.

The forthcoming episodes are meant to bridge the gap between season one and two. HBO had to postpone production of season two due to the coronavirus pandemic. Both episodes were produced adhering to Covid-19 guidelines.

Earlier this fall, Zendaya became the youngest drama lead actress to win an Emmy for her role in Euphoria. She was also the second Black actor to be awarded Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series award, following Viola Davis’ 2015 win for How To Get Away With Murder.

“I usually don’t cry,” Zendaya said in a virtual backstage interview back in September. ”I got through it without letting it take over me. It was a very emotional moment. I still can’t believe it myself. It’s pretty crazy."

The holiday special, one of two pre-season two episodes, airs on Sunday, 6 December at 9/8c on HBO and HBO Max.

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