Etsy's 2023 Holiday Trends are Here—And We're Loving the 'Grandpa Chic' Aesthetic

"Tomato Girl" and "Coastal Grandma" are getting cozy winter rebrands.

One of the best things about the holidays is getting to repeat special traditions, whether that means baking a sweet treat from a great-great-great-someone's recipe or decorating the house as a family. But leaving room for something new is fun too: a new tradition, a new addition to the family, or even just a new sweater that's bound to become a favorite for years to come. That's why we love learning about holiday trends each year—because we can find new ways to celebrate our favorite time of year. To help get us in the holiday spirit, Etsy shared insights on the top holiday trends for 2023—and there's everything from cottagecore-inspired decor to mantel styling inspiration.

<p>Ruslan and Natalya Glushin/Getty Images</p>

Ruslan and Natalya Glushin/Getty Images

Gingerbread Girl

The "tomato girl" trend of the summer was the embodiment of a warm, sunny, laid-back European vacation. The "gingerbread girl" aesthetic, as Etsy has determined, is the cozy, indoor, winter version of this "it girl" trend. Think cold-weather cottagecore—so instead of flowy sun dresses and vases of fresh-cut flowers, it's comfy blankets and fresh-baked bread. Etsy reports that shoppers are leaning into this warm, rustic, and vintage-inspired aesthetic for the holidays with increased interest in things like wreath sashes (like a scarf for your wreath, instead of the traditional bows), which have more than doubled in searches this year. Shoppers are also getting cozy with ruffled bedding, which is up 35 percent, gingham bedding, which is up 34 percent. And, since they're getting in the mood for holiday baking, items like personalized recipe boxes and holiday cookie cutters are up 28 and 24 percent, respectively.


We love a good tablescape, and there's plenty of use for them during the holiday season. But Etsy has zeroed in on another surface that may be getting even more decor love this year: the mantel. Mantelscaping is a great way to incorporate holiday decor into a central focal point of your home—and you won't have to redo it every time you have guests over for dinner. (Don't have a fireplace? Don't worry—try these easy fake fireplace ideas.) "Whether choosing to create a winter wonderland village using vintage putz houses, snow globes, and iridescent baubles, or a forest scene featuring mini wooden trees, garlands, and seasonal florals—the options are endless!" writes Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s resident trend expert. Etsy found that shoppers have already gotten a head start on shopping for mantel decor with an 86 percent increase in searched for candle lanterns, a 67 percent increase in searches for ceramic trees, and a 52 percent increase in searches for accent ornaments.

Grandpa Chic

Yet another summer aesthetic is getting a winter rebrand. Move over "coastal grandmother"—it's "grandpa chic" season. This home decor style is a combination of rich, warm tones—like burgundy, olive green, and tobacco brown—and traditional materials, like dark woods, plaid textiles, and leather. With the holidays coming up, Etsy reports a demand for leather items, especially in the home and living category, with searches for leather poufs up more than three times, as well as an interest in wood decor, with searches for wood and marble coasters having grown more than four times. "Adding artfully collected vintage and antique pieces also add to the old-school, lived in-charm that makes ‘grandpa chic’ really shine," Isom Johnson writes.

Elevated Entertaining

Not all of us have a penchant for hosting—but those of us who do are ready to do it bigger and better than ever. According to the trend report, searches for entertaining items have grown 10 times on Etsy this year, compared to the same time last year. In particular, Etsy has seen a staggering 28,277 percent increase in searches for zodiac tea towels, a 5,980 percent increase in searches for natural linen placemats, and a 4,109 percent increase in searches for handmade barware or glassware. "As many are placing even deeper importance on creating memories with their nearest and dearest during the holiday season—and beyond—shoppers are gravitating towards well-made perennial entertaining essentials that can be used long past the festive season," Isom Johnson writes.

Shoppers also seem to be more interested in investing in sustainable and eco-friendly options for hosting, with searches for single use and disposable dining items trending down, Etsy reports.


Forgoing the more traditional and formal holiday decor, some shoppers are taking a more playful route, which Etsy is dubbing "Candycore." "Inspired by a sugary fantasy world filled with lollipops, candy canes, and gumdrops, this playful trend taps into the childlike enchantment of sweet treats and features holiday staples in iridescent materials, playful patterns, and delicious colors," Isom Johnson writes. Fitting with the "candycore" theme, cotton candy cakes have more than doubled in searches on Etsy this year, iridescent sequined items are up 50 percent, and stained glass ornaments are up 34 percent. Etsy also notes a continued interest in scalloped placemats, napkins or runners—an ongoing trend with an on-theme confectionery-like charm.

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