Etiquette Expert Shares How to Navigate Extravagant Bachelorette Parties: 'Transparency and Empathy Are Key'

“It's considerate to discuss potential costs upfront and gauge everyone's comfort level,” etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore tells PEOPLE

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Bachelorette parties have escalated in extravagance in recent years.

Pricey getaways and celebratory dinners dominate social media, which have drawn criticism from entertainment hosts like Alex Cooper. But what is appropriate when it comes to brides planning extravagant bachelorette parties, especially when it comes to finances?

America's foremost etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore tells PEOPLE that any awkwardness when it comes to funds surrounding a bachelorette extravaganza as a bride can be avoided just by planning ahead and having great communication with your bridal party.

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“The appropriateness of expenses requested from the bridal party largely depends on open communication and understanding of everyone's financial situations,” Whitmore says, adding that brides should consider “the varying financial capabilities of party members.”

“It's considerate to discuss potential costs upfront and gauge everyone's comfort level,” she adds. “Planning activities that offer a range of price options can also ensure inclusivity.”

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When it comes to lavish bachelorette trips, Whitmore says, “Transparency and empathy are key.”

She recommends that brides tell their bridal parties as soon as possible about any potential costs so that the bridal party can “budget accordingly.” She added that brides should not wait "until the last minute to plan your party.”

Another thing brides can do to help “alleviate” financial pressure on guests is to contribute to significant costs in accommodation or a celebratory dinner. Whitmore adds that it’s not wrong to ask friends to pay for their flights, accommodations and personal expenses, but things like matching outfits requests or other costly activities on the trip “should be made with consideration.”

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She also recommended offering friends “flexibility” when it comes to doing pricier activities and offering alternatives for them to do instead. Whitmore suggests, “Provide options or tiers of participation, allowing friends to engage in a way that fits their budget.”

On the flip side, a bridesmaid who is unable to attend a more extravagant bachelorette party shouldn’t be afraid to decline an invitation, though Whitmore says there are several ways to broach the subject with a bride.

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One of these ways includes telling a bride as soon as possible that the trip is outside of their budget constraints as the “early notice shows respect for her planning process.” Another approach is by being honest about your financial situation and expressing this “sensitively.”

“Emphasize your happiness for her and your wish to celebrate in other ways,” Whitmore tells PEOPLE.

Her final suggestion is for a bridesmaid to offer an alternative, more affordable option for celebrating. She explains, “This shows your enthusiasm to celebrate her milestone, despite not being able to join the trip.”

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