Esterhazy Business Licences

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Recently the Esterhazy town council decided to waive the $200 Farmers Market fee (for one year) to help the newly formed committee for the market to develop.

Business licences have been a hot topic at council meetings especially due to the growing home-based businesses and the liability involved with these.

The town’s website has a page dedicated to the business licenses. It includes a definition and the cost, as well as the benefits of acquiring a business license.

The website states, “All commercial, industrial and home-based businesses, as well as those who conduct business in Esterhazy but are based out of town, are required to license their business with the Town of Esterhazy. The annual business license is effective January 01 to December 31. For new businesses starting after August 31, the license fee is prorated at $10.00 per month

The town uses the following definition for a business, “Any entity providing goods and/or services in exchange for monetary benefit.”

They describe a home-based business as “Any occupation, trade, profession or craft conducted from the home for monetary gain.”

A home occupation is “Any occupation, trade, profession or craft conducted in the home, and is secondary from residential use, for monetary gain.”

The costs for these business licenses vary.





Single Job/Occasion

$100.00 to a max of $300.00

Home Based


Direct Seller


Farmers' Market


Mobile Vendors:


Ice Cream Bicycles (each)


Other Transient Traders selling:

Christmas Trees (per location)

Fish, fruit, produce, baking and handcrafts



Trade Shows


Child Care Centers/Home and Senior Care Facilities


There are benefits to purchasing a business license. These include:

The farmers market was started several years ago by the museum to promote the museum and local non-profit organizations. They would hold fundraiser BBQs at the same time and be organized by the town.

Now that the town will no longer organize and maintain the market, a group has been established to do this job.

There will be a committee that is required to maintain liability insurance and ensure the participants of the market adhere to provincial standards as well as local town standards and bylaws.

This includes each participant of the market to have a home-based business licence if they are running a home-based business.

“We would like to support the Friday market while following legislation, laws and bylaws”, said a spokesperson for the town.

The goal of both the town and the newly formed Friday Market Committee is to have a safe and well-organized event where all participants can make a profit.

“We hope to be able to sustain the Friday market so that participants are able to earn a profit while working with the Town of Esterhazy,” commented a representative on the Friday market committee.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal

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